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Your Hospital is Ready

On a regular basis, Crittenton participates in emergency drills, testing the organizations ability to handle a variety of situations in a multitude of environments. Recently, Crittenton participated in a surge capacity drill, testing the organizations ability to handle a large influx of patients in a very short period of time. “In addition to activating the Emergency Operations Plan, it also helped to evaluate the triage and treatment process, registration system, communications and any additional resources that are available to us in case of a local disaster,” said Glenn Garwood, Incident Commander for Crittenton’s Emergency Preparedness team and Manager of EMS Systems.

Crittenton’s Emergency Preparedness team meets on a regular basis and discusses situations and threats that may impact the hospital and its operational readiness. Any and all topics are discussed, including natural disasters to synthetic marijuana (K-2, Spice). “It’s important that we have a plan established and we regularly implement this plan to make sure we are ready for any situation. The community needs to know that their hospital is continuously improving and is proactive when it comes to serving them in any situation”, said Brian Birney, Public Information Officer for the Emergency Preparedness team and Maketing/Communications Director at Crittenton.

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