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Why See Your Audiologist, Even If You Don’t Need Hearing Aids

Hearing is a vital sense that not only enriches our lives, but also helps to keep us safe. Having good hearing allows us to interact with others and alerts us to potential dangers. Losing your hearing can make it difficult to socialize in group settings and do everyday activities like watching television or talking on the phone. Untreated hearing loss can also lead to isolation and depression.

Despite the limitations that hearing loss can place on people’s everyday lives, many still avoid seeing an audiologist. Sometimes people don’t realize that they are suffering from the symptoms of hearing loss. They may believe that they’re too young or their symptoms are not bad enough for hearing aids, so they don’t seek help. We spoke with our Doctor of Audiology at Crittenton Medical Equipment – Hearing Services to see when she recommends seeking help for hearing loss.

When To See An Audiologist

Seeing an audiologist about your hearing can be beneficial, even if you don’t believe that you’re a candidate for hearing aids. Routine hearing screenings can help you spot problems early and even protect your hearing in the future.

A baseline hearing test is important to get early into adulthood and can help diagnose progressive hearing loss later in life. A Doctor of Audiology will be able to perform an audiometric evaluation, explain the results, and provide recommendations about your hearing health. A hearing consultation should include a discussion about your current lifestyle. Solutions such as hearing aid technology or hearing protection can be recommended to help you continue to manage your hearing. Individuals over the age of 55 need to be proactive about their hearing health. An early diagnosis is important for people who will eventually require a hearing aid.

Hearing Loss Prevention

There is a lot that people can do at every age to help take better care of their hearing. Our Doctor of Audiology outlined some of the top culprits for hearing damage.

  • Headphones with music too loud
  • Target shooting and hunting
  • Loud environments like the movies or concerts
  • Ongoing exposure from mowing the lawn, vacuuming, or operating machinery

A good rule of thumb is to wear hearing protection like ear plugs for sounds above 80 decibels, which can cause hearing damage. Preventative measures like these can slow down future hearing problems.

Hearing Aid Technology

With all of the current advancements in technology, hearing aids are smarter than ever before. Hearing aids today are virtually invisible, sound more natural, and automatically adapt to changing environments. At Crittenton Medical Equipment – Hearing Services there are a variety of hearing aids in many technology levels available to suit all individual preferences and budgets.

It’s Never Too Soon To Protect Your Hearing

Whether you are 50 or 100 years old, it’s never too soon to think about your hearing. If you are experiencing early symptoms of hearing loss, make an appointment at Crittenton Medical Equipment- Hearing Services for a hearing screening and make your hearing health more of a priority. If you need advice, our Doctor of Audiology can help you quickly determine the right solution for you.


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