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Why Host a Worksite Wellness Clinic at Your Office

Worksite wellnessThere has been a tremendous shift in the health care paradigm from treatment to prevention. With this shift has come a heightened awareness of the value of corporate worksite wellness programs. Companies, both small and large, have recognized that worksite wellness programs enhance productivity and reduce absences and idleness.

Our Occupational Medicine team at Crittenton Hospital encourages all company representatives to ask themselves if they are working to make their jobsites a healthy place to work and if they are cultivating a culture of wellness.

We heartily agree with the CDC, who encourages wellness programs for the following reasons:

  1. Wellness programs encourage employees to take responsibility for lifestyle choices
  2. These programs educate the workforce about health hazards and opportunities for wellness
  3. Wellness programs reduce healthcare costs
  4. They reflect the respect that employers have for the time and talent of their employees

The staff of Occupational Medicine, in conjunction with the Department of Community Health and Education, encourage you to explore the possible health and wellness options that we offer. They can be as simple as blood pressure screenings and health topic lunch-and-learns or as challenging as setting up a workplace health model where workplace health governance is the goal.

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