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What to Expect When You Go to the Emergency Room

Going to the emergency room is often a stressful and sometimes scary time for families. When you need emergent care, it can be a small relief to know that expert care is right in your neighborhood. The Emergency Services Department at Crittenton Hospital is an important resource of medical expertise and emergency-trained medical staff for all of our community members. Our team in the Emergency Services Department prepared a list of what to expect when you come to the Crittenton emergency room.


What to Expect When You Go to the ER:

  1. Certified Primary Stroke Center. When it comes to a stroke, time is critical. CHMC is a certified Primary Stroke Center, which means that the American Stroke Association recognized Crittenton with advanced certification and dedication to fostering better outcomes.
  2. Accredited Chest Pain Center. This certification is part of CHMC’s dedication to providing the best possible care for all patients. Chest pain is one of the leading reasons for emergency room visits. When you come to the CHMC emergency room, you can be confident that you or your loved one will receive the best cardiovascular care.
  3. Door to Doctor in 10 Minutes. At the CHMC emergency room, we work diligently to ensure you or your loved one is getting the care you need as quickly as possible.  On average, in Crittenton’s Emergency Services Department the time a patient waits to see a doctor after entering the ER is just 10 minutes. An efficient, compassionate approach is reflective of the goal of our emergency services staff – to treat each patient like a member of their own family.
  4. Ready physicians. CHMC and local EMS work especially close together, and this partnership results in the relay of critical information to your emergency team before you even come through the doors. When you call 911, your EMS team is able to administer tests and drugs and immediately send that information to your doctor. This means that your emergency medical plan is in place before you even reach the emergency room.
  5. Open 24 hours a day. Your CHMC emergency room is waiting, ready for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of passionate, caring, and expert medical staff are prepared for you or your loved ones whenever you need us. It’s just one more way for us to be there for our community.


No one can plan for an emergency, but it is helpful to know what to expect when you go to the Crittenton Hospital emergency room. Our Emergency Services Department team will make sure that you have the compassionate care you need in a trauma-level, primary stroke, and chest pain certified center. Your community emergency department is one more way for Crittenton to help keep our community happy and healthy.



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