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Volunteer for Better Health, Better Community

Volunteering is about more than donating your time, talent or treasures with people or organizations who need it; volunteering is also an important way to join something larger than yourself. Doing this may have a surprising benefit for you as well.

At Crittenton, our volunteers are the heartbeats behind so many of our important initiatives and are a part of the daily efforts that enable our hospital to continue to provide unparalleled care for our community.

Here are five reasons to start volunteering, and the impact they have on the Crittenton community.

  1. A longer and healthier life. That’s right, volunteering can be a good thing for your own health! Multiple studies suggest that a habit of volunteering can help keep you physically active and lead to more robust mental health. It can also combat feelings of loneliness as you forge meaningful relationships and accomplishments.  A focus on helping other people can be a powerful asset to our own health.
  2. Building stronger connections. Behind everything we do at Crittenton are the patients, families and members of our community. Volunteering provides an opportunity to build strong and often lasting connections with these people. When you walk into our hospital as a patient or family member, one of the first faces you’re likely to see is one of our compassionate volunteers. Whether they are greeting patients at our front desks, assisting family members in the gift shops, or providing much needed support in the emergency department, our volunteers are building meaningful connections with the people of our community every day they are here.
  3. A change in perspective. Expanding our own outlook can be a challenge. One of the unique benefits of volunteering is its ability to provide us new perspective and open our eyes to the journeys of our community members that we often overlook or fail to see. Men and women who volunteer in our rehabilitation centers often share how inspired they are when working with patients overcoming physical impairments or injuries. The services you provide as a volunteer also bring comfort and a sense of well-being to patients as they move through their rehabilitation journey.
  4. Volunteering provides an opportunity to learn new skills.  Volunteering can help you build new connections and expand your viewpoint, but it can also provide the opportunity to learn a few new skills. Our volunteers are well-trained in almost all our different medical departments, providing guidance for patients to use different types of equipment and supplies.
  5. Provide better care for your community. When you volunteer at Crittenton, you are a part of a movement to provide compassionate care to your community.  As a part of nearly every department within our hospital, whether choosing to provide spiritual guidance, clerical assistance, or delivering supplies, volunteer efforts are a part of the force keeping our families, friends and neighbors happy and healthy. 

Volunteering can manifest itself in a hundred different ways, big and small. From volunteer board members and donors, to our very newest volunteers on their first day, each is an important part of the work we do at Crittenton Hospital.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities, visit the volunteer section of our website or fill out a question form.

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