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Understanding Safe Medication Practices

Crittenton Hospital uses milliliters for volume doses, but many prescribers still use teaspoons or tablespoons when writing prescriptions at discharge.  This can lead to confusion and at worst, medication errors.  The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Medication Safety Committee strongly encourages all doses in volume to be expressed in “mls” with the use of an oral syringe for accurate measurement when prescribing medications at discharge.  The Crittenton Medical Pharmacy provides oral syringes free of charge for dispensed oral liquid medications.

The Consumer Medicine Safety website, http://www.consumermedsafety.org/, is a user-friendly, online resource that employs technology and other tools to organize and impart knowledge and understanding about safe medication practices in ways that consumers can easily access, view, and use. Visit for the latest information and updates to ensure you are familiar and informed on safe mediation best practices.

And, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff for more information. Your safety is our primary concern.

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