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Three Ways to Help Back Pain

3 tips for back pain.Did you know that close to 85% of people will suffer from back pain during their life? Orthopaedics or joint injuries and pain are quickly becoming leading causes for doctor office visits. If you are experiencing back pain, try our 10 tips to alleviate your pain. We’ll even share the first three tips with you here.

Tips to Ease Back Pain

  • Watch your posture. Correct slumped shoulders while sitting or standing. Avoid locking your knees while standing.
  •  Recover during sleep. Your spine is able to rest and recover while you are sleeping. Your pillows and mattress should provide enough comfort and stability to rest your spine, not stress it.
  • Quite smoking. Tobacco restricts blood flow to the tissues around your spine. Smokers also take longer to heal, even from minor injuries.

If conservative treatments are not providing the desired pain relief, it may be time to visit an orthopaedic surgeon. Your primary care physician may be able to refer one to you, or you can contact our physician referral services. We will provide you a reputable, talented surgeon. With Michigan’s Most Advanced Joint Center right in your neighborhood, there is no reason to continue living with back pain.

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