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Teaching Hospital

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center is committed to the advancement of medical education. As a teaching hospital, Crittenton provides our residents and student nurses outstanding experiences and the opportunity to fulfill a vital role in patient care. With proper supervision, they are given responsibility aligned to their experience to make the most of the learning opportunity.


With a combination of experience and educational conferences, residents can make the most of numerous offerings. Teaching conferences meet the needs of our staff and faculty while emphasizing a lifelong learning commitment.

  • Resident morning report
  • Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
  • Evidence-based medicine journal club
  • Board review for PGY 2 and PGY 3 residents
  • Core curriculum lectures
  • Monthly ambulatory lectures
  • Monthly Morbidity and Mortality conference

Crittenton offers residents an outstanding educational experience in a dedicated and supportive environment. Our focus is to promote and advance  knowledge, compassion and skill along with lifelong learning principles. Our residents will learn and understand how to deliver the highest quality of health care within a variety of settings. Our program structure includes:


  • EBM (Evidence-based Medicine) – 4 week rotation. Includes journal presentation
  • Night Float – Two 4-week rotation. 3 days on and 3 days off
  • Inpatient Floors – eight 4-week block. No overnight. Short call until 9 PM every 8 days. Residency complies with ACGME 16 hour rule
  • Vacation – 4 weeksNeurology – 4-week rotation. Has both an ambulatory and inpatient component


  • 4 week subspecialty rotations in Nephrology, Pulmonary, Outpatient Cardiology, ID, and GI.
  • Inpatient floors – two 4-week rotation
  • QI – Introduction to concepts such as six sigma and PDCA
  • Research – one 4-week block with topics of resident’s interests
  • Vacation – 4 weeks
  • ICU/CCU – two 4-week blocks
  • ER – one four-week block


  • Educator – Unique opportunity to develop as educator. Also, residents taught about practice management
  • Geriatrics – 4-week rotation
  • Hematology-Oncology – 4-week rotation
  • HIV (outpatient) – 4-week rotation in a downtown outpatient setting
  • Endocrinology – mostly outpatient rotation
  • Inpatient floors – two 4-week rotations
  • ICU – one 4-week rotation
  • Night Float – one 4-week rotation
  • Vacation – 4 week block
  • Rheumatology – outpatient downtown
  • Ambulatory – multiple ambulatory exposure
  • Inpatient Cardiology – complements the outpatient cardiology PGY2 rotation


Continuity Clinic
Based in the offices of one large group of internists, the continuity clinic offers unique one-on- one supervision. Residents work one half day per week in a continuity practice.

 Our team is dedicated to educational excellence and your success.


Leadership and Faculty

  • Chairman, John M. Flack, MD, MPH, FAHA
  • Program Director, Khalid Zakaria, MD
  • Associate Program Director, Jacqueline Moore, DO
  • Core Faculty, Joseph Skoney MD, FACP
  • Core Faculty, Sarwan Kumar, MD
  • Core Faculty, Cosmin Descalu, MD
  • Core Faculty, Mazen Afram, MD
  • Core Faculty, John Bonema, MD


Subspecialty Education Coordinators

  • Cardiology – Samer Kazziha, MD, FACP
  • Critical Care – Muhammad Kashlan, MD, FCCP
  • Endocrinology – Smita Bijlani, MD
  • Gastroentology – Samir Al-Hadidi, MD
  • Hematology – Pallavi Jasti, MD
  • ID – Bishr Al-Ujayli, MD
  • Pulmonary – Robert Go, MD, FACP
  • Rheumatology – Harpreet Sagar, MD
  • Geriatrics – Anjali Gupta, MD
  • Nephrology – Fahd Al-Saghir, MD