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Questions regarding medical records

In support of the continuum of care, Crittenton will send medical records to any medical doctor, at the patient’s request, free of charge.  We encourage and support obtaining a second opinion from another physician if a patient is not comfortable with an initial diagnosis, course of treatment or with the medical information provided by their physician.  It is medical professionals who are most qualified to render such a decision, determine the presence or absence of disease and the most appropriate treatment for the patient at any given point in time.   Crittenton is  fully committed to protecting patients’ privacy and will release records at the request, and with the consent, of the patient to support this continuum of care.

If the request for the medical record is for personal use, or from a lawyer, there is a fee.  The amount will vary based upon the number of pages of the medical record being requested.  Staff will discuss options with the requestor to minimize the costs while still meeting their needs in the most efficient manner.  Payment is not collected or managed by Crittenton Hospital.

For more information regarding how you can secure your records, please visit our website.

Thank you.