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Preparing for Baby: Steps to Help Ensure a Healthy Baby

Use this preconception checklist to ensure you are taking steps to help ensure a healthy baby. Preparing your body for pregnancy will help ensure a nourishing pregnancy and healthy baby while lowering your risk of complications during this enjoyable time in your life.

  • Find a physician who can help you prepare for pregnancy.
  • Get a complete physical exam, including everything from a blood pressure check to a Pap smear and up-to-date immunizations. Also, speak with your physician about receiving a variety of tests, such as blood sugar, thyroid function, genetic testing, and parasitic and viral disease checks.
  • Begin taking prenatal vitamins six months before attempting to become pregnant.
  • Assess your current eating habits. Begin cutting back on sweets, fat, and caffeine and increase your fruit, vegetable, and calcium-rich food consumption.
  •  Boost your fluid intake by drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water, juice, and/or milk each day.
  •  Speak with your physician about maintaining an existing exercise regimen or starting a new one.

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