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Picking Crittenton Hospital for Heart Surgery

Heart Surgery at Crittenton HospitalDeciding on a hospital for any procedure is an important decision, and you make that decision by closely looking at ratings and reviews of each hospital. But if that information is not easily found, how do you accurately rate your options? In an attempt to make these choices easier for patients across the U.S.A., the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) shared information for over 400 hospitals and their ratings for heart surgeries. Crittenton was one of the hospitals who shared this information and we are proud to have been rated as above average for heart bypass surgery.

If you are going to have heart surgery, here are the answers to three questions to help you find the right heart hospital.

  1. If I need heart surgery, am I able to choose my hospital or is it always an emergency? Heart surgery is not always an emergency, but if you are experiencing a heart attack, then emergency surgery is necessary. However for most, heart disease can be managed and is not an emergency, and you do have time to choose. Talk to your doctor about the seriousness of your condition.
  2. My hospital is not listed under the ratings. What do I do now? Not every hospital shared their information. In fact, a good many did not so don’t be surprised if yours isn’t listed. This information is likely still available, so ask your physician about the hospital’s complication rates.
  3. If there are no top hospitals in my area, what should I do? The rating process is extremely rigorous and a hospital with average ratings still provides very good care. Before traveling elsewhere, check with your insurance to be sure the procedure is covered at an out of town hospital. Be sure to discuss any concerns you have with your physician, who may be able to reassure you and help you prepare for your stay.

To read the remaining three questions and answers, visit the Consumer Reports Health article. We are proud to have exceeded the rigorous requirements for Consumer Report’s on heart bypass surgery. Crittenton is also an accredited Chest Pain Center. You can read about why this is important to the Oakland community from our very own Executive Director of Cardiovascular Services.


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