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Patient Rights and Responsibility

It is the philosophy of Crittenton Hospital Medical Center (CHMC) that patients have a fundamental right to be treated with respect, compassion and courtesy in a safe environment which protects their personal well-being in a private and confidential manner. The statements below represent CHMC’s formal expression of our responsibilities to our patients.  Additionally, your responsibilities as a patient of CHMC follow the listing of your rights.

Access to Care – You have the right to be treated, when accommodations are available and treatment is medically indicated, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, language, physical or mental disability, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity expression or source of payment.

Dignity and Respect – You have the right to be treated in an ethical manner, with consideration and respect for your personal dignity, cultural values and beliefs.

Privacy/Confidentiality – You are entitled to a safe, secure environment where privacy and confidentiality are respected and supported while allowing you the ability to communicate effectively with your caregivers, family and friends.

Coordination of Care – In collaboration with your treatment team, you have the right to participate in and be informed of all aspects of your care and treatment.  This includes the right to information about your medical condition, the proposed course of treatment and prospects for recovery in terms that you can understand, unless medically contraindicated and such documented in your medical records by your attending physician, in order to make informed decisions.  Additionally, you have the right to have your family/guardian or appointed patient advocate involved in your medical treatment decisions.

Personal Safety – You have the right to expect reasonable safety with regard to CHMC’s practices and environment are concerned.  Further, you are entitled to be free from mental and physical abuse, free from chemical and physical restraint except as ordered by a physician and/or in accordance with applicable hospital policy.

Advance Directives – As outlined in the Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990, you are entitled to written information regarding the formulation of advanced directives, assistance in preparing advance directives and to have your directives honored within the limits of the law and CHMC’s capabilities.

Pain Management – CHMC acknowledges that all forms of pain cannot be controlled in all patients at all times, you have the right to expect:

  • That your reports of pain will be believed,
  • That your pain will be assessed and re-assessed after you are medicated to determine the effectiveness at reducing or controlling your pain, and
  • That your physician(s) will use appropriate measures to manage your pain.

Access to Pastoral/Spiritual Services – CHMC recognizes and respects your right to access pastoral/spiritual services to enhance your healing.  Additionally, you or your representative may consult with the CHMC Ethics Committee regarding ethical issues that may arise with your care.

Protective Services – You have the right to access external protective services if you so require.

Consent and Refusal – Upon admission, your written consent is requested for your general medical care.  When certain diagnostic or invasive procedures are to be done, your or your legal representative’s consent will be requested.  You have the right to refuse medical or surgical treatment to the extent provided by law, to be informed of alternative treatments and to be informed of the consequences of your refusal.

Complaint – You have the right to make a complaint regarding your care to CHMC or to an outside agency.  CHMC provides a direct line (248-652-5606) for patients or representatives to make a complaint or to provide suggestions for improvement or to identify a potential safety issue.  Also, you have the right to timely attention to your complaint.

Other Rights

You have the right

  • To ask about and to be informed of business relationships that may influence treatment and care.
  • To be informed of adverse outcomes of your care.
  • To consent to or decline to participate in research or experimental medical procedures.  Any such procedures recommended as part of your medical care will be fully explained.  Refusal of such treatment will not in any way jeopardize continued medical care.
  • To receive an explanation of your bill(s), regardless of sources of payment, and information on financial assistance.
  • To treatment and care in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and in compliance with applicable regulatory rules.
  • To access information contained in your medical records within a reasonable timeframe and in accordance to hospital policy, state and federal laws and any applicable regulatory rules; to add a written statement in your medical records explaining any information you feel is incorrect and to expect that your medical records will be kept confidential.
  • Have a family member, friend or other individual present for emotional support during your hospital stay.


Just as CHMC’s employees and medical staff have responsibilities to you, our patient, you have responsibilities to the hospital and health care providers.  Your responsibilities include:

Honesty – CHMC has a right to expect that you will be honest and direct about everything that relates to you as the patient.  Your failure to provide a complete and accurate medical history and your health status may seriously impact your prospects of recovery.  Your history should include use of prescribed, over the counter, street drugs or herbal drugs.

Understanding – You are responsible for understanding your health care and treatment.  CHMC expects that you will advise a member of your health care team if you have questions or do not understand any aspect of your care/treatment.

Follow Your Treatment Plan – It is your responsibility to follow the recommendations of your physician(s).  You should discuss any issues/concerns regarding your treatment plan that you may have with your physician(s).

Report Changes – It is very important to keep your physician informed of changes in your health status.

Courtesy – You should be considerate of others and ensure that your visitors are considerate of the rights of other patients, of hospital personnel and hospital property.  It is your responsibility to observe and follow the rules, regulations and policies of CHMC.

Refusal of Treatment – It is your right to refuse medical treatment within the parameters of the law and you are responsible for your actions if you do so.

Provide Accurate Information - It is your responsibility to provide CHMC and your health care providers with accurate information regarding medical insurance coverage or sources of payment.



CHMC respects the right of all patients to comment on and submit expressions of satisfaction and dissatisfaction about their healthcare and other services rendered at our facilities.  The response to patient comments, complaints, compliments or suggestions for opportunities to improve safety and the analysis of data derived from this program are considered a component of Customer Satisfaction.  In order to provide our patients or their representatives with a mechanism to share their comments or concerns, a dedicated phone line is available twenty-four hours, seven days per week.  This line provides you the option to make an anonymous complaint.  The telephone number is 248-652-5606.

This telephone line is provided as a convenience to you and as an option to direct communication between you and the CHMC work force members.

CHMC encourages you to express your comments or concerns to any member of your healthcare team.  Our staff is empowered to resolve issues at any level within the organization.  If you choose, you may put your comments, concerns or grievances in writing and forward to CHMC, Patient Relations Department, 1101 West University, Rochester, MI  48307.  You may also call the Hospital Operator at (248)652-5000 and request to be connected with the director for a specific location/department, the Chief Nursing Officer or the Patient Relations Department.

You are entitled to exercise your right to file a grievance with the Michigan Department of Community Health, Bureau of Health Systems, P.O. Box30664. Lansing, MI  48909 (800-882-6006) (www.mighigan.gov.bhs) or to the Joint Commission, Office of Quality Monitoring, One Renaissance Blvd., Oakbrook Terrace, Il 60181 (800-994-6610) (www.jointcommission.org).  You may utilize these external organizations if you have previously pursued a grievance through the CHMC process and are not satisfied with the resolution.