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Tips for Back Pain


You use your spine for almost everything you do each day, so you don’t need nagging back pain to slow you down. If you are seeking relief from mild back or spine pain, you may need to look at things like your posture, lack of exercise, or any recent weight gain or stress. These cause more cases of back pain than an individualized injury may. Try our 10 tips to relieve back pain or prevent future problems.

When to go to a Doctor for Back Pain

  • Your back pain followed a trauma or injury
  • Your back pain is accompanied with other changes like swelling, fever, or redness
  • Your discomfort has lasted more than 4 to 6 weeks or has not been alleviated by normal treatments like icing, rest, or common pain killers
  • You are experiencing tingling or numbness in your body
  • You experience severe pain at night

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