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Online Options Make It Simpler for Patients

Online services have become a staple for patients CHMC medical passportwho want to manage their health in one convenient place. As patients prepare to come to the hospital for diagnostic tests, to give birth, or to have surgery, they are now able to complete a large portion of their pre-procedure work online, before even stepping through the hospital doors. This allows them to complete much of the registration process and fill out their medical history when and where they are most comfortable doing so.

Patient Pre-Registration Online Form

One of the most used online services at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center is the Patient Pre-registration. Pre-registration collects information about the patient prior to his/her coming into the hospital for such treatment as diagnostic testing, surgical procedure or giving birth. This information is critical for the hospital to document before the patient’s procedure.

The patient pre-registration form asks the patient for details about the following areas:

Patient Information

The first portion of the pre-registration collects patient information including standard contact details like names, addresses and phone numbers. It asks for some government-required patient demographics, and also patient designated emergency contacts.

Procedure Information

The second section asks for information about the procedure. This includes identifying the ordering physician or doctor who recommended the patient for the procedure, the patient’s primary care physician, and which type of procedure the patient is scheduled to have.

Insurance Information

The last section of the patient pre-registration form collects insurance information. The form requires details about the patient’s primary insurance provider and Medicare (if the patient is covered). For this section, the patient will want to have his or her insurance card available, as it will ask for information like the contract/policy/ID number and the group number. If there is a second form of insurance, patients will be able to enter that information as well.

When a patient has completed all required fields, he or she will click the orange submit button. Patients will have one final opportunity to review their information before the form is securely sent to the hospital.


One Medical Passport

Patients who are having a surgical procedure also need to review their complete medical history with the hospital. Documenting this can sometimes take considerable time and may require the patient to consult a family member or look up information at home. Now patients are able to complete their entire medical history online anytime before their procedure.

Crittenton offers a tool called One Medical Passport, that allows patients to create an account and guides them through the step-by-step process of submitting their medical history from the convenience of their own home and on their own schedule. This secure, online, patient-controlled system lets patients share their information directly with their healthcare team and allows for easy updates after any subsequent procedure.

A patient will provide information for four different categories when setting up a Medical Passport account (please note, at any point during the account creation the patient can save the information and come back to it later to continue):

Account Set-Up

The first section is for new users and allows a patient to setup his or her information. A patient will insert a user name or email and a secure password of their choosing. This step ensures that only the patient and their medical team can access the form information.

Patient & Visit Information

In this section the patient will provide some basic information such as contact information, emergency contacts, and high-level insurance information.

Health History

The health history will require basic screening information like height and weight. You can also enter any medication that you are currently taking and any allergies that you may have, both to medicine and other allergens like latex or cats. This is also the section where patients will enter their past surgical history and any current or past medical history. Don’t worry, you can always go back and edit the information at a later date.

Review and Submit

After you have completed the questions in each section, you will have the opportunity to review your answers and make any final edits as needed. With just a click on the green submit button the information will be securely sent to your medical team for review and procedure preparation. You can also email the completed form to yourself or select to have it printed for your own reference.

Is One Medical Passport Different than Pre-Registration?

Yes, it is different. Remember that pre-registration is a required step where patients provide the hospital with information about their procedure, contact information and insurance details. One Medical Passport is required only for surgical patients and is a tool to collect more in-depth details such as medical history. Patients who are having a surgical procedure at Crittenton will complete both patient pre-registration and a One Medical Passport.


If you have more questions about the information collected in One Medical Passport, you can watch the quick reference video available online.
For more online options at Crittenton, review our online services. This includes our patient portal, exam preparation resources and online bill pay. Another great at-hand resource is our Health Tracker mobile app, where you can access health tips and resources and keep health profiles and schedules for you and your family. All of these tools are easily accessible from Crittenton’s website and make managing medical care more convenient and easier for our patients.



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