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Nurse of the Year 2014

Each year during National Nurses Week,  Crittenton recognizes and thanks our outstanding nurses for their dedication to their patients and the community-at-large. Our nurses provide the quality of care Crittenton prides itself on.

Nurse of the Year - Virgilio Monzon, RN

Crittenton Nurse of the YearVirgilio (Gil) works in the Emergency Department at Crittenton. He draws upon a variety of experiences while working at different facilities that have molded him into a valued registered nurse. His vast knowledge base makes him exceptional. A true professional in patient care, Gil is approachable and compassionate while always keeping the patient in mind. He leads by example and is a pillar in the Emergency Department. One ED Tech at Crittenton wrote about Gil in his nomination form: “I hope that one day I can become ¼ of the nurse that he is. He deserves this award.” Gil is a valuable resource to Crittenton and has the confidence that many nurses aspire to have. The first to say that he is “just doing my job,” Crittenton is honored to recognize someone so deserving of the award. Congratulations, Gil!

Runner-Up Kelly Rodgers, RN

Kelly has proven herself to be a valuable nurse at Crittenton. Her calm, competent demeanor has been a tremendous asset. She has a wide variety of experience with allows her to function in all areas of the hospital. Kelly constantly strives to add to her knowledge base and she goes to any assignment without hesitation.

Runner-Up Tina Walker, RN

Staff would say that Tina is reliable, dedicated, and eternally upbeat. She stays focused, efficient, and always puts the patients well being and safety first. Of particular value to the outpatient clinic is Tina’s team player mind-set. She goes out of her way to do anything within her power to make her patients feel comfortable and loved. Tina is the true life definition of the word compassion!

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