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MiConnection – July 13

GU4GMessage from the President and CEO, Margaret Dimond, PhDI hope that you enjoyed some rest and relaxation over the 4th of July holiday. I was so proud when I saw the flag on our building – what a great tradition!I want to thank you for all you do for our patients, their families and one another each day to provide a compassionate, personal experience.As we continue to Gear up for GREAT, please keep the lines of communication open with your leader regarding suggestions and areas of opportunity. Tools like leadership rounding, stoplight reports and TINYpulse were put in place to help us become more accountable to each other and to better communicate with each other. But issues can’t be fixed if they go unspoken. We are also rolling out our new Event Reporting System next week – please make sure that you are reporting any issues and near misses to help us build a culture of safety.There is still much to do, and, as hard as we are working, it can feel like changes aren’t happening fast enough. But I believe if we stay true to our “why” – Inspired to Care – we can get to a consistent level of 5-star service that will attract patients and physicians.

Associate Town Hall – Wednesday, July 19

1 PM – CVICU  Conference Room

1:45 PM – 4 South Conference Room

2:30 PM – 6 South  Conference Room

All associates are welcome to attend.


Reminder: Symphony Training available on myLearning

Symphony training for all associates has been assigned in myLearning.  Please log in to myLearning for your “to-do” list and find out which courses you need to complete as well as how to register for instructor-led classroom sessions. Be sure to check your Ascension email regularly for Symphony communications. Please also visit the Symphony page on the CHMC MyCommunities intranet site for additional and archived Symphony information as well as a refresher on how to access myLearning.


AIS puts Crittenton associate knowledge to the test with phishing simulation

The Ascension Information Services (AIS) Security Training and Awareness Team conducted a simulated phishing attack with Crittenton email users in May 2017. This unannounced simulated phishing event was designed to test associates’ ability to recognize and appropriately respond to a suspicious email message. The simulation consisted of sending an e-mail to users with a message that their package was being held and to click on an attachment.5.53% of recipients fell victim to this simulated phishing attack. This means that nearly 6% of Crittenton associates opened the message, clicked on a link or an attachment, which could have compromised their email account. Our goal is that 0% of associates fall victim to phishing so remember, if you see a suspicious email you should do one or both of the following:

  • Delete the message without acting upon it (do not open; do not click on link or attachment or respond in any fashion)
  • Contact the Service Desk at 6666 to report the suspicious message if not sure the message is valid.

If you mistakenly respond to a phishing message and suspect your account has been compromised —shut down your computer and immediately contact the Service Desk at 6666 for assistance.


Crittenton introduces daily management boards

Daily management boards, sometimes called huddle boards, are going up in all clinical care departments at Crittenton over the next year. Associates will “huddle” daily at their department’s daily management board to discuss patient and associate safety, workplace readiness, key metrics for that department, and improvement efforts around those metrics. These brief (7-12 minutes) huddles will empower associates to implement improvement ideas and communicate daily with their leaders and co-workers.

The boards are being implemented as part of the Ascension Improvement Model for Excellence (AIM4Excellence) which is intended to engage the hearts and minds of all associates and caregivers to deliver better value to those we serve, achieving the Quadruple Aim: improved health outcomes, enhanced patient and caregiver experience at a lower overall cost of care. The daily management board is a tool used to help associates and leaders achieve a closed loop management system by communicating what is important to the ministry, showing how the ministry and department are performing daily, empowering associates to close the gap and make improvements to their work processes, and giving the leaders a standard tool to reference and ask associates what they can do to help them with their improvement efforts.

The Emergency Department, 6 South, and (this week) 5 South are all live on daily management boards; next in line includes: ICU, CVICU, Radiology, and 4 South.

News you can use

2017 Preventure Health Coaching is now available

The Ascension SmartHealth Well-being Program is now working with Preventure to offer Health Coaching as a free benefit to all associates enrolled in a SmartHealth medical plan.

Preventure health coaching is a free lifestyle management coaching service that can help anyone who wants to feel better and live a healthier life. If you choose to join, you will be matched with a personal health coach who you can talk with on the phone.

Your coach will offer tips and guidance to help you reach your health and well-being goals including helping you get active, eat healthier, reduce stress, lose weight, improve cholesterol levels, and/or lower blood pressure. Your coach can also serve as a bridge to your healthcare team, including your doctor.

Preventure Health Coaches are available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in all time zones. Call Preventure at 1-844-802-7827 (TDD 1-800-730-6219) to be matched with your health coach.

To learn more about Preventure health coaching, visit www.myascension-wellness.org.


Crittenton RN Referral bonus is back!

Crittenton is now offering a sign-on bonus of $5,000 to full time RN’s who commit to 2-year employment in the following areas: CVICU, E.D., O.R. and PACU. A referral bonus of $2,000 will also be available to current associates who refer candidates hired for these “hard-to-fill positions.” For more information, contact Sandy Drennen, Administrative Assistant, at sandy.drennen@ascension.org.


Crittenton assumes full ownership of MRI

As of this Friday, July 14, the MRI service located at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center will be wholly owned by Crittenton. Appointments can be scheduled by calling Crittenton Central Scheduling at 844-462-2462. Hours will be Mon-Fri 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Sat. and Sun. 8 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. After hours appointments will also be offered.

New Crittenton MRI order forms are required and orders have been updated in Cerner. In addition, previous MRI studies performed at the hospital location are data owned by Michigan Resonance Imaging. To obtain those past studies, patients must complete a records request.

Please note that, also as of July 14, the MRI at Barclay Circle is no longer a service of Crittenton. However, Crittenton will continue to offer X-ray, bone density, ultrasound and mammogram, including 3D tomo, at Barclay Circle.


REMINDER: What is phishing? 

Phishing involves a perpetrator sending legitimate-appearing email messages in an attempt to gather sensitive information such as recipients’ login credentials, or personal and financial information.

Crittenton-PhishingHere are some tricks used in phishing emails:

• Emails appear to come from a legitimate organization or known individual.

• Messages entice users to click on a link to a fraudulent website or to respond to the email.

• Messages request personal information such as account usernames, passwords, first and last name, date of birth, and credit card numbers.

• Links provided often install malicious software, compromising the email account.


The first step to protect yourself and Ascension from email scams is to pay attention to the messages you receive. Then remember:

• Do not open unsolicited emails or those from unknown sources; instead delete such messages.

• Do not click on links or attachments from unknown sources. If you happen to open an email message and realize it doesn’t look right, simply delete it.

• If an email appears to come from an Ascension colleague but you’re not absolutely certain it did, contact the person separately to verify its validity. Do not reply directly to the email.

• In times of uncertainty, err on the side of caution and contact the AIS Service Desk for further instruction.

If you mistakenly respond to a phishing message or share your user ID or password and suspect your account has been compromised — shut down your computer and immediately contact the Service Desk at 6666.


REMINDER Crittenton launches new Event Reporting System on July 17

Crittenton will implement the new Event Reporting System (ERS) on Monday, July 17. This new system will support all associates at Crittenton and Ascension’s 1,900 sites of care in reporting near misses, safety events, and patient compliments and complaints.

Please be sure to complete your required training, offered in myLearning. If you are a Department Leader, Risk Manager or Ticket Manager, you should have received email communication regarding classroom training in addition to your online requirements.

Questions? Please contact Jeff Kline in Quality and Risk Management at Jeffrey.kline@ascension.org or LaToya McGlaun in Patient Relations at latoya.mcglaun@ascension.org


Social media – things to remember

Social media is an ever-growing way that people of all ages find information about products and services, look at reviews and even build relationships with companies. Health care is no exception.

As associates we are all ambassadors for Crittenton Hospital whenever we are speaking about Crittenton — and that includes when we are online.  Keep in mind that your posting reflects YOUR personal opinion. Even if your message is positive, do NOT speak on behalf of SJP, its associates, or affiliates. Before posting, consider your content very carefully; remember: a posting on the internet lives forever. Be respectful and professional. A good rule of thumb is to only post something you would be comfortable with if your leader were to read it.


Our Team

Crittenton Night at Jimmy John Field – winners announced!





One hundred and twenty lucky associates were drawn from more than 200 associates registered to win tickets for Crittenton Night at Jimmy John Field in honor of our 50th anniversary!  Click here or visit the CHMC intranet to see a list of our winners. Thanks to all who entered!







Associates enjoy the Hot Dog it’s Summer celebration

650 associates enjoyed a free hot dog lunch (or dinner) to celebrate the arrival of summer, our Model Community survey, our 50th anniversary and all the good things happening at Crittenton Hospital! The events were held the evening of June 22 for the afternoon shift and June 23 for the day shift. Thanks to all associates who joined the fun and the leaders who volunteered to serve.

Pictured from left: Ready to serve are Dani Sun, manager, AIS; Fernando Costa, Director, Food and Nutrition Services and Mike Cagle, Program Director, Inpatient Rehab.


Living the Mission

Donate a back pack for a local student in need

Rochester Area Neighborhood House (or “Neighborhood House”) assists our neighbors during times of hardship, including providing backpacks and school supplies to over 500 students in our community every year. They receive very generous donations of school supplies from our community however, they never receive enough backpacks; especially the durable backpacks sufficient for older students.   That’s where YOU can help!

What: Donate a strong, new, durable backpack suitable for middle school and high school students.  Suggested retail locations for purchase: Costco, Walmart, Target, Meijer, etc.

When: July 5th through July 21st

Where: Backpacks may be dropped off in the Nursing Office (anytime) or CHED (between 8am and 1pm weekdays). You can collect in your department and drop all backpacks off at one time -please just be sure to do so before July 21.

Who: For kids and teens assisted by Rochester Area Neighborhood House

Goal: 300 backpacks!

To learn more about Rochester Area Neighborhood House click here. (https://www.ranh.org)


In the Community

Crittenton celebrates the 4th of July

Thank you to Crittenton facility services for hoisting our Nation’s flag prominently for our community to see over the July 4th holiday.




Do you have a middle or high school age athlete in your family?

Take advantage of convenient, low-cost sports physicals at Crittenton Primary Care on Monday, July 17 and Wednesday, July 19 from 1 – 7 p.m. both days. For the low cost of just $10, Ryan Pradko, DO, Family Medicine, will perform a full physical exam including a check of reflexes and range of motion, in addition to vitals, height, weight, vision screening and urinalysis. Physicals by appointment only. Please call 248-652-5269 to schedule.



Your privilege

Consider it your privilege to be living this day. Consider it your privilege to be where you are, doing all you are doing.

You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are strong enough to make something valuable from this time and place.

Consider it your privilege to be able to take action. Exercise that privilege, moving your life and your whole world forward.

Do not argue in favor of your limitations. Do not argue that unfairness and injustice have rendered you helpless. Instead, consider it your privilege to demonstrate how you can prosper no matter what pushes against you.

Consider it your privilege to dig deep and activate new strength, new skill, new power.

Put yourself in the best possible position for dealing with every challenge, every opportunity, every possibility. Consider it your privilege, and keep putting that privilege to use

– Ralph Marston