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Meet Our Manager of Cardiopulmonary Services

Bernie HungBernie Hung is someone who can do it all – as he wears many hats throughout the organization. He is both the Manager of Cardiopulmonary Services at Crittenton Hospital and also the Administrative Stroke Coordinator. Not to mention a Chairman of the Crittenton employee donor program, Unlimited Potential. His dedication to increasing awareness on both preventative care for heart disease, stroke, and promoting healthy lifestyles stems from his goal to serve and help the people in his community.

Growing up playing sports, Bernie developed a love for health and fitness. When choosing a career path, he decided to combine that love with his desire to help people. This led him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Michigan University in Health and Fitness in Preventive and Rehabilitative Programs. Bernie has now spent almost 20 years at Crittenton improving the lives of cardiac patients through preventative screenings and rehabilitation.

Making Your Health a Routine

Bernie doesn’t leave his passion for a healthy heart and body at the office either. Most days, his alarm goes off early to make time for the gym before work. “I have a desire to stay fit,” explains Hung. “It wouldn’t make me very credible if I pushed my patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but didn’t do the same myself.” While at work, Bernie makes it a routine to start his morning at Crittenton by rounding, or visiting, with the patients and staff in the different departments in the Shelton Heart Center. Says Bernie, “I want to start each day prepared for our patients and appointments.” Whether you are coming in for non-invasive cardiovascular testing, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, or a neuro diagnostic test, Bernie and his team start each day ready for you.

Keeping the Passion Strong

Bernie Hung says that it is the people who make up Crittenton’s community that keep him passionate about healthy living education. “The people and the community is what drives Crittenton.” Bernie explained that being able to see how he and the rest of his team members can influence community members to live a healthier life keeps him passionate about what he does each day.

Another initiative about which Bernie has become passionate is the Crittenton Foundation’s Employee Unlimited Potential Group. This group is dedicated to giving back to employees, the hospital, and the community and is comprised of hospital employees with a philanthropic side. As a chairman of the Unlimited Potential group, Bernie has helped with holiday food drives, community gardens, establishing a walking trail on hospital campus, and even renovating a patio at Crittenton to create a better outdoor space for employees and hospital visitors.

Choosing Crittenton

Choosing to make your health a priority and practicing preventative care is an important choice that Bernie emphasizes. But when you need medical help for a scheduled stress test or because of a health emergency, choosing a hospital that is both chest pain and stroke certified makes a difference. Bernie describes Crittenton as “a hospital made up of passionate and talented staff and physicians who really work together to provide exceptional patient care.” He continues, “Being a full service hospital, Crittenton is able to provide care for each patient every step of the way.” Bernie believes that it is Crittenton’s full service line and the ability to help patients recover from a cardiac emergency, progress through their rehab, and get back to a normal life where they can do what they love again is what makes Crittenton unique. “It’s incredible to watch the transformation of a patient who has experienced a major cardiac event and has started or returned to an active lifestyle,” Bernie says. “In a recent case, a patient had emergency open heart surgery, made an excellent recovery, and then ran in our Crittenton 5K this year.” Crittenton is truly the place where patients go to “get better here.”


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