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Meet Our Community Education Director Angela DelPup

Crittenton Community Education DirectorThough hospitals are often best known for innovative technology, talented physicians, or skilled nurses, they should also be recognized for the educational resources they provide to communities. Our Community Health and Education Director, Angela DelPup, spearheads this task for Crittenton Hospital.

“I have always worked with the Community”

Angie DelPup has a longstanding background in the community education space. Her elementary education degree guided her to start out as Crittenton’s Child Life Specialist and over the years has continued to progress through different healthcare community outreach programs. “I enjoy finding new ways to educate our community,” says DelPup. “I love to teach.”

Learning Online

Traditionally, classes and events are held at specific locations either at the hospital or other well-known community centers. However, DelPup saw an opportunity in the online space to extend the classroom outside of the hospital walls. “I like learning online and I know others do as well,” explained DelPup. Online classes, like Crittenton’s online childbirth class, allow busy parents to gain access to important educational resources without having to leave their house. “People can learn on their own schedule.”

Resources for you

Crittenton’s expansive online resources still play second to the classes, events, and support groups held in person at the hospital and surrounding community. Whether it is having Dinner with a Doc, getting a free skin-cancer screening, or joining a walking group with moms, there are a multitude of community events and classes for almost everyone.

Spread the Word

One of Angie’s missions is to spread the word on Crittenton’s community resources. “We should all be concerned about our health and wellness,” says DelPup. “And there are so many different kinds of wellness.” Crittenton’s curriculum extends beyond addressing just physical wellbeing. Rather, Angie includes support groups for those in need of fellowship and spiritual health, lactation consultants for mothers, seminars on new healthcare trends for families with financial wellness needs and more.

Her tip for community members? Check out Crittenton’s website! It is up-to-date with Crittenton’s newest classes, events, and resources. You may be surprised by what is available to you and your family.

Crittenton Classes

Staying Passionate

What keeps Angie in her community role? “I am constantly learning,” she says. “The needs of a community are always changing; I enjoy exploring new opportunities to address these needs.” She explains that a unique feature of Crittenton’s Community Health and Education department is its ability to listen. “If you have an idea for a class or identify a community need, we want to hear about it.” This continual sense of learning and changing keeps her passionately involved in community education.

See Angie at one of Crittenton’s many Community Events!

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