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Meet Our Chief of Family Medicine

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A great family medicine doctor has a way of becoming a part of your family. They are there for all the flus, strep throats, and annual check-ups. And they are able to direct you to a great specialist or hospital when something may warrant an extra look. Meet a member of our medical family: Dr. William Murdoch, our Chief of Family Medicine.

Dr. Murdoch is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine, where he also completed his residency in family medicine. During clinical rotations in his third year of medical school, Dr. Murdoch gravitated towards the idea of becoming a primary care provider for a number of reasons; especially appealing though was the ability to keep his work very patient-focused.

A Great Opportunity for Patients

Dr. Murdoch speaks encouragingly about the increased awareness his patients have about their preventative care. He sees a more heightened sense of awareness among the patient population regarding eating habits, exercise regimens, and working to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is a positive movement. “Patients,” Dr. Murdoch says, “are continuing to become more involved in their care. They appreciate the importance of regular screenings and check-ups.” As patients continue to stay involved in their care, there is a better chance of improving lifestyle habits to combat prevalent health concerns like diabetes, obesity, cancer, and more.

A Day in the Life of a Chief

Dr. Murdoch’s role as a family medicine doctor and Chief of Crittenton Hospital’s Family Medicine Department allows him to work as both a provider and an educator; two roles in which he excels. “A typical day for me starts at the hospital seeing any of my patients who have been admitted there. Around lunchtime, I sit with the residents during their lectures, and a lot of the times I will give the lecture. In the afternoon, I go to the family medicine clinic and see more patients for the rest of the day.” And between this, he fits in administrative duties, department meetings, and other work with the hospital’s family medicine residents.

Why Crittenton?

Dr. Murdoch believes that it is the attention that Crittenton always keeps on the patient that makes Crittenton an ideal hospital. “Crittenton is truly a full-spectrum hospital that is 100% patient-focused in its care,” Dr. Murdoch explains. “That shows.” When you find yourself in need of a hospital, you want one that is just as focused on you as your family medicine doctor is. Our Chief of Family Medicine is committed to continuing this dedication for all patients at Crittenton Hospital.

About Dr. William Murdoch

Dr. William Murdoch received his medical training at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He completed his family medicine residency also at Wayne State University, where he received the Leland Award for Outstanding Graduating Family Medicine Resident.

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