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Meet our Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sheryl WissmanDr. Sheryl Wissman, a well-known internal medicine and pediatric specialist, shares her passion for her patients, advice on staying active in your care, and discusses her new role as Crittenton’s Chief Medical Officer.

A Focus on Families

For Dr. Wissman, picking a medical specialty (or two) was a harder choice than she expected. During medical school, she found that each specialty had passionate staff who were energized by their work, and she fed off that excitement. Ultimately, she was drawn to relationship-based care as her final choice.

Building Relationships

Being an internist/pediatrician allows Dr. Wissman to see her patients through all stages of life, which means treating a baby one day and visiting a patient for her 100th birthday the next. The ability to see her pediatric patients as they grow into adolescents is especially important to her. “It is an age that is often overlooked in other specialties,” Dr. Wissman explains.  It is the long-term relationships that she can keep with entire families that is unique in the medical field. “I chose medicine because I would be challenged and I would be able to keep learning. What keeps me in medicine is the relationships that I maintain with my patients.”

Be a part of your care

Primary care physicians are experts in creating health plans that are customized for each patient, but Dr. Wissman encourages her patients to be active in their health. She stresses that patients should take time to be a part of creating that plan. She suggests to start by determining your level of commitment for your health goal.

  • Are you trying to stop smoking?
  • Are you ready to lose some extra weight?
  • Do you need a healthier way to manage a condition?

Once you have discussed these goals with your physician, be realistic with yourself and your physician about the time you can commit to your goal. Also review possible distractions, family support, and any insights that will help establish the right plan to reach your goals successfully.

Why Crittenton?

Dr. Wissman said she was ready for the challenge when approached regarding Crittenton’s Chief Medical Officer position. She has experience running her own practice for over 20 years and is no stranger to the administrative responsibilities that come along with it. In her new role, she is looking forward to becoming the liaison between physicians and the hospital.

What draws Dr. Wissman to Crittenton? She believes it is the loyalty of the hospital. A community hospital, Crittenton is made up of doctors, nurses, and medical staff all from right here in our community. Dr. Wissman further explains that “the patients, medical staff, and employees are with Crittenton because they genuinely want to be here.” Not only is the hospital local and loyal to the community, but the staff who make up Crittenton are also members of that same community. Says Dr. Wissman, “At Crittenton, the people we care for are our neighbors. And that is a good thing. We have a responsibility to take care of you because we are connected.” She adds, “Because of this, people can not only expect excellent care, they can count on it.”

About Dr. Wissman

Dr. Wissman received her medical education at Wayne State University School of Medicine. She completed her internship and residency at the Detroit Medical Center. Currently, she serves as Crittenton Hospital Medical Center’s Chief Medical Officer and runs the Glennan Medical Group. In her spare time, Dr. Wissman enjoys being outside. She spends time outdoors walking her dogs, kayaking, and riding her horses. 

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