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Meet Dr. Pugmire

Meet Dr. PugmireDr. Douglas Pugmire is a man of many talents. He enjoys culture events at the DIA and Henry Ford Museum when he’s not fly fishing, golfing, or shooting target practice with a bow and arrows. He is also a board certified in obstetrics & gynecology and in gynecologic oncology. But his specialty is the minimally invasive procedures that he performs with Crittenton’s robot.

Why a Robot?

Dr. Pugmire started medical school as a way to help people in a tangible way. “My desire was to provide services to people that can aid and enrich their lives, in a scientific and meaning way,” said Dr. Pugmire. He found his way to this by pursuing an obstetrics & gynecology residency. It was the level of expertise and elite surgical skills required for gynecologic oncology that drew Dr. Pugmire to continue his fellowship training. “In the specialty of Ob/Gyn, the subspecialty (gynecologic oncology) requires intensive and detailed surgical skills and knowledge. There’s also a great deal of medical knowledge required to deliver chemotherapy and manage side effects,” Dr. Pugmire explained when talking about his draw to gynecologic oncology.

That is where he began exercising his surgical skills with the da Vinci robot. Dr. Pugmire explained, “I realized very early on that minimally invasive surgery had significant advantages when compared to open surgery. Robotic surgery allows an increase availability to more patients, due to the increased range of motion and increased visualization as compared to laparoscopic surgery.”

Laparoscopic vs. Robotic Surgery

Both are well-practiced minimally invasive surgery procedures. These surgeries are performed using very small incisions, rather than opening up the body to perform a procedure. Laparoscopic surgery does not involve any robotic assistance. Instead, the physician holds the tools and operates with his or her own hands. In robotic surgery, the robot’s arms hold the tools and the surgeon operates by controlling the movement of the arms from the machine.

A Passion for Imagination

Dr. Pugmire is a leading robotic surgeon and continues to pioneer the robotic surgery field. This keeps him extremely passionate about the care that he is able to bring to his patients. “As my skills improve with more experience, and as the technology continues to progress, I find that I am able to do more and more challenging cases with significant improvement in outcomes. This is truly exciting! The only limitation is a lack of imagination.” This keeps DR. Pugmire truly passionate about the work he is able to perform at Crittenton and the services he can bring to community members.

Why Crittenton

Dr. Pugmire is the Medical Director for Robotic Surgery at Crittenton and a firm believer in Crittenton’s ability to provide excellent work efficiently. When asked “why Crittenton?”, Dr. Pugmire answered, “This is a great hospital system with all private rooms, beautiful facilities, with experienced/veteran nursing care. The hospital’s objective is to provide excellent care efficiently…..this is a practice that promotes a team approach, with physicians, nursing, and other staff including social services, discharge planning, and administration concentrating on getting patients healthy and back to their normal lives. Crittenton is a personable, pleasant environment that promotes a community atmosphere in our effort to show patients and family that they matter and are important.”
You can learn more about Dr. Pugmire and his gynecologic oncology services by visiting his website.

About Dr. Pugmire

Dr. Douglas Pugmire received his medical training at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his obstetrics/gynecology residency at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey and his fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital System in gynecologic oncology.

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