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Meet Director of Physician Engagement, Catharine Hervey

Catharine Hervery Physician EngagementWhen asked what the best part of her job is, Catharine Hervey says it is meeting new people; not a bad trait for someone responsible for managing physician engagement. While she may be new to the role at Crittenton Hospital, Hervey is no stranger to the Rochester community or to Crittenton’s President Margaret Dimond, with whom she has worked in the past. We asked Hervey to share why she is so passionate about Crittenton’s journey and building meaningful relationships between the hospital and the community’s physicians.

Building Meaningful Relationships

Hervey is long familiar with medical practices and the skill-sets needed to communicate and effectively engage with physicians. Over her thirty-year career, she has worked with two separate health systems, including a large medical group and a hospital center. “I gained invaluable experience in practice management,” explained Hervey of her past experience. “My career path has prepared me well for this current role.” The introduction of this role and the decision to bring Hervey onto the team is part of President Margaret Dimond’s focus on building committed relationships between both the physicians and the community, recognizing it’s those kinds of relationships that will help further elevate Crittenton as a leading provider in patient care.

“My main responsibilities will be as a liaison between the physicians and the hospital,” said Hervey. “Developing synergies between our physician base and the medical center not only makes us more effective for the community, but also positions Crittenton as the place to practice. Building our technical and patient-centric services translates to better quality care; we all share that same focus.” That role includes communicating the new programs and services Crittenton now offers to physicians. Hervey added that as of late, this list has grown quite long! “We have a second robot now, 3D mammography, and the ER has just been renovated to accommodate the Senior ER. We want to let the physicians know about the new medical equipment and technology that we have available. It’s part of the on-going training and commitment to quality that we expect from one another,” she explained.

An Advocate for Office Managers

While building trust and communication between Crittenton and the physicians is a large part of Hervey’s responsibility, she is quick to advocate for the practice office managers and the important role they play as well. “The office managers are the heart and soul of the practice. They know what the struggles are, and they really are the pulse of the practice, and the face of the practice to our patients,” she said. Hervey is someone well suited to appreciate and communicate for the challenges office managers may face, as she spent years working as an office manager and holding leadership positions within medical practices herself. “I’ve been in their shoes, so I know what it’s like. I know that you need somebody that’s on your side,” she said. “I don’t want them to ever hesitate to reach out to me. Big or small, I would like them to reach out to me at anytime. My door is always open.”

As Hervey continues to build her role as Director of Physician Engagement, she is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Crittenton team as the hospital continues to grow. It is the positive attitudes of the hospital staff and the leadership displayed by President Diamond that has Hervey passionate about her role and the opportunities to make an impact internally, and within the community.

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