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Meet Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Marc Silver

Dr. Marc SilverCardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Marc Silver makes critical decisions in a high stress environment every day. After all, that’s a skillset he says is a “must-have” when your day includes operating on the human heart. However, when Dr. Silver first considered a career in medicine, he took time to speak with other physicians, including those in his family, before he made the decision to apply to medical school and become a doctor.

Dr. Silver is a Michigan native

He attended medical school at Wayne State University right in the heart of Detroit, MI. After completing a 5-year general surgery residency, Dr. Silver decided to continue his training and specialize in cardiothoracic surgery, a subspecialty of surgery that includes most organs in the chest like your lungs, esophagus, and heart. “Working on the heart means working with a dynamic organ that changes minute-to-minute,” said Dr. Silver. “Though I enjoyed each of my medical rotations, and the opportunity to experience a variety of medical specialties, I knew my career was in surgery.”

Dr. Silver admits that the focus and intensity required of a cardiothoracic surgeon appealed to him. “I really like the problem solving it requires.” He continued, “In surgery, everything is happening in real time, and you have to react and problem solve immediately. This very fast-paced thought process, decision making, and action makes it a unique experience.”

The Technical Precision Required of a Surgeon

Dr. Silver discussed the satisfaction he receives from operating and its impact on patients’ lives. He explained that the most rewarding part of his job is that his actions can help positively influence the quality of life for his patients. “The patient journey is incredibly rewarding to witness,” Dr. Silver remarked.  “My patients can have potentially life-threatening conditions, and I am able to perform a surgery that can help them recover back to a normal life.

In addition to operating, Dr. Silver and his team manage all aspects of patients’ daily medical care. A typical day for him is always packed from morning until evening. “I come in first thing and check with the patients on whom I have already operated. We triage and adjust treatments and formulate the care plan for that day. Then I’ll go to the operating room for my first case.” Dr. Silver operates on one or two patients a day, meets with each patient multiple times, and sees patients in the office to complete follow-ups or evaluate new patients.

Dr. Silver Recommends Crittenton Hospital

Dr. Silver says the Crittenton continues to provide good experiences for him and his patients. “Crittenton is very approachable and comfortable, but has all of the support and technology that we need to have for excellent medicine.” Dr. Silver accredits patients’ positive experiences to the quality of the hospital and notes that it is a rewarding place to work because of that.

His advice to the community is to remember that, like all other important things, good health requires planning and effort. He also reminds community members that the best time to take steps to preserve your good health is while you are healthy.  For many of us, he said, this includes making diet and exercise a priority and working with your PCP to ensure you are up-to-date on preventative screenings.


Dr. Marc Silver is a cardiothoracic surgeon. His practice offers a full spectrum of cardiothoracic care including new technologies like minimally invasive and robotic surgery. 

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