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Adjunctive Therapies

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT):
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an essential part of some chronic wound treatment plans. HBOT is a medical treatment that increases the amount of oxygen in the patient’s blood, allowing oxygen to pass more easily through the plasma into the wounds to heal them. Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers surround patients with 100% oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressure, where the patient is monitored continually during the treatment.

Some potential Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy candidates are people with diabetes who have lower extremity wounds that are slow to heal, people with wounds that haven’t shown improvement in 4 weeks of treatment, people with certain bone and skin infection, people with radiation injures, and people with compromised or failing skin grafts or flaps.

Negative Pressure Therapy (Wound Vac):
A noninvasive therapy that uses controlled, localize negative pressure to stimulate the growth of healthy granulation tissue. This occurs through the removal of wound fluid, which helps to manage bacterial bioburden, as well as support a moist wound environment to assist in enhancing the healing process.

Biologicals and Biosythetics:
Gels or solutions derived from natural sources which are applied to the wound base to stimulate wound healing.

Bio-Engineered Skin Substitutes:
Tissue of human origin or bio-engineered tissue is used to support wound closure and serve as a replacement for skin and surgical grafting. A bio-engineered skin substitute closely resembles human skin in structure, function and handling.

Growth Factor Therapy:
Research has determined that proteins which occur naturally in the body are integral in stimulating cell growth and migration, necessary for wound healing. These growth factors are manufactured and applied to the wound as a daily topical treatment, in combination with comprehensive wound management.