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Gynecology Services


Gynecological conditions and treatments are an important part of women’s health and have a big impact on your quality of life.

The Ascension Crittenton gynecology team is made up of physicians, nurses, medical staff, and innovative technology, including robotic surgery, to offer you a complete range of gynecology services by some of the best medical providers.

Gynecologic Services

  • Menstrual bleeding problems
  • Menopause symptoms including hormonal and herbal therapy and surgical procedures
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Pelvic/vaginal pain including pelvic dysfunction and pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Endometriosis

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Gynecologic Surgery

When you are preparing for a surgery, required or elective, you want to be completely informed about your health and know that you are working with a highly trained surgeon and staff. Ascension Crittenton’s team of gynecologic surgeons and staff are experts in women’s health and work closely with you so that you are knowledgeable and comfortable with your care. Ascension Crittenton offers innovative minimally invasive procedures including laparoscopic and robotic surgical procedures.

Urogynecology Services

Urogynecology conditions are more common than most women today are aware and are often very treatable. Ascension Crittenton’s staff can help with Urogynecology conditions including pelvic organ prolapse and urinary stress incontinence. Talk to your doctor about seeing an Ascension Crittenton physician if you can benefit from treating a Urogynecology condition.

Gynecologic Oncology

Ascension Crittenton is a leader in Gynecologic Oncology services and is Michigan’s only robotic epicenter. Our staff of highly trained gynecologic oncologists perform treatments and minimally invasive procedures using both robotic and laparoscopic techniques. Learn more about Ascension Crittenton’s cancer services.

Pelvic Rehabilitation

Are you experiencing urinary incontinence or pelvic pain?

You may benefit from pelvic floor rehabilitation. Many women suffer from urinary incontinence and/or pelvic pain without seeking help.

Rehabilitation can help:


  • Reduce and/or resolve urinary incontinence by strengthening muscles with exercise, muscle stimulation, bio-feedback, and bladder retraining
  • Reduce and/or resolve pelvic and lower back pain for women pre or postpartum.
  • Reinforce proper posture and body mechanics


Talk to your doctor if you think you may benefit from pelvic floor rehabilitation or for more information call us at 586-992-0869.