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Travel Medicine

Travel medicine is key in protecting you against travel related disease and health risks. The Travel Medicine clinic is available for all types of travelers. Businesses, missionary trips, schools, individual traveler, and corporate relocations all use travel medicine to prepare for their trips.

About Crittenton Travel Medicine

Crittenton’s highly trained travel medicine team of a physician and registered nurses work with you to provide up-to-date information regarding safe and healthy travel practices and will administer any needed vaccinations to prepare for your trip abroad.

For optimal health protection, make your appointment four to eight weeks prior to traveling. If you have last minute travel plans, every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.

Call our office today at (248) 652-5976 to set up your appointment.

Your appointment at Crittenton’s Travel Medicine Clinic includes:

  • Medical history review and consultation regarding  any required or recommended immunizations (hepatitis A & B, influenza, meningitis, polio, tetanus, typhoid and yellow fever)
  • Education regarding customs requirements, safe food and drink, and resources about available medical facilities. Certificate of vaccination approved by the World Health Organization and recognized worldwide
  • Information about necessary precautions tailored to your itinerary, including U.S. Embassy and consulate addresses and telephone numbers
  • Traveler’s  health  recommendations, and if needed,  a prescription for malaria prevention and the treatment of traveler’s diarrhea

Need to update your vaccines? The Travel Medicine Clinic is a convenient source of routine adult and adolescent immunizations. 

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