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Travel Medicine

Trips to exotic locations, such as Africa, Asia and South America, can be exciting, but can also expose you to a variety of diseases, including yellow fever, malaria, meningitis and typhoid. Crittenton Travel Medicine has the expertise to help guard against these dangers. We offer the following benefits:

  • Registered nurses specially trained in travel medicine will make sure you get all the required and recommended vaccinations. They also inform travelers about what is safe to eat and drink.
  • A wide range of mosquito repellents to guard against diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever are available.
  • Information about crime, customs requirements, available medical facilities, and addresses and telephone numbers for the U.S. embassy and consulate are provided.
  • The staff stays current with daily updates regarding disease outbreaks and other problems that could affect travel through an online travel medicine program.

Some immunizations take four to six weeks to complete, while others cannot be given at the same time, so be sure to call Crittenton Travel Medicine well in advance of your trips. Advance planning is your best safeguard.

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