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Radiation Oncology

The Radiation Oncology Center offers the latest radiation oncology technology and expertise to cancer patients.  The center offers comprehensive care through consultation, treatment, nursing support, follow-up care and educational services to the community.

This cancer care specialty uses radiation to kill or damage cancer cells so they can’t grow or spread. Sometimes radiation therapy alone is enough to effectively treat a cancer. But often it is used in conjunction with other treatments, like chemotherapy and surgery.

Like surgery, radiation therapy is used in several ways depending on the type and location of the cancer. Special machines can deliver high doses of radiation from outside the body. This is called external beam radiation, and it is usually given over the course of several weeks. Patients can have the treatments as outpatients at the hospital or the Cancer Center.  Using metal or plastic implants, therapists can also place radioactive material inside the body as close to the tumor as possible. With another kind of internal radiation therapy, patients take a radioactive substance by mouth or injection, and the material moves through the body.


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