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Child Life Programs

Crittenton - Children's ClassesThe Child Life programs, part of Ascension Crittenton’s Pediatric/Adolescent Unit, are designed to introduce children to the hospital setting in a comforting, non-threatening  manner — and to promote the health and wellness of children through specialized classes and services.

Directed by a Child Life Specialist, children are encouraged to express themselves through play, using toys to demonstrate their feelings about medical treatments and procedures.  Family members are encouraged to participate and support their children in these activities. Find a Child Life class today.

Our Child Life programs Include:

  • Pediatric Education – acquaints children with the hospital in a fun, non-threatening way.  Puppets, visual aids, real medical equipment and wheelchairs are used to teach children about the hospital and those who work here.
  • Mother/Daughter  Exploring Changes introduces puberty to moms and  daughters ages nine to 11.  The fun, informal format looks at the physical and emotional changes that girls and boys experience as they enter puberty.  Communication skills, developing good self-esteem and learning to handle peer pressure are discussed.  The goal is to educate mothers and daughters and open the lines of communication between them. This program is provided through the hospital’s  Community Health and Education Department.
  • Play it Safe-Body Safety – educates children four to six years old and their parents  about how to keep their bodies safe and healthy.  Play it Safe is sponsored by our Development and Community Relations Department and Elias Brothers Big Boy and is offered twice a year — usually in the fall and spring.
  • Parent Talk  is a parenting skills and communication class. In this four-session series, parents learn how to set limits, teach responsibility, encourage problem-solving, promote independence and explore the power of words they use.  The  class includes the book Parent Talk: Words that Empower, Words that Wound by Chick Moorman.  This program is provided through our Community Health and Education Department and is offered several times throughout the year.
  • Super Mom/Super Myth  helps mothers of young children get organized, relieve stress and enjoy being wives and mothers.  Lecture, group discussion and informational hand-outs support mothers and help them see they are not alone in their struggles to raise a family and keep up household responsibilities.  Stay-at-home moms and working mothers both can benefit from this program.
  • Watching Baby Grow –  provides early detection of children who may be at-risk for developmental delays or disabilities.  Parents receive questionnaires at various intervals of the child’s development, which they complete and return for review.  If the child is progressing well, they will receive a letter and a list of age-appropriate activities to do with their child.  If there is a concern about the child’s development, parents are advised to participate in Early On.
  • Child Life Bereavement Program  supports children struggling with the serious illness and the loss of a parent. Creative techniques are used to help children and the surviving parent cope with the frequent hospital visits and to understand grieving process.

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