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XP Total Knee Replacement

Hats off to game-changing knee replacement options.
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At Ascension Crittenton we don’t just replace knees, we change the way it’s done. From the weekend warrior to major leaguer, there’s a game-changing new option for total knee replacement. Pioneered at Ascension Crittenton by Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire, the ligament-preserving XP total knee arthroplasty keeps your healthy ligaments intact.

How is it performed?

Instead of severing ligaments similar to a traditional total knee replacement, the XP Preserving Knee System retains the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). These are the ligaments that control the functional motion of the knee. With this new approach, the orthopaedic surgeon is able to use the patient’s anatomy to keep those ligaments.

What does this mean for you?

It means quicker recoveries, more natural knee motion post-surgery, and smaller incisions. Everyday motions like walking, running, chasing your children around your home, playing a game of baseball, or bicycling will feel more natural and comfortable after a knee replacement with the XP Preserving Knee System.

How did it come to be?

Dr. Jeffery DeClaire, an  Ascension Crittenton orthopaedic surgeon, observed that patients who underwent a traditional total knee replacement experienced discomfort with reduced ability to go about their daily lives after their surgeries. This inspired Dr. DeClaire to develop a new method to perform a knee replacement utilizing today’s technology.

Dr. DeClaire partnered with Biomet, a manufacturer of surgical and non-surgical orthopaedic products, and four other orthopaedic surgeons to develop the XP Knee System. He is one of five surgeons in the world using the XP Preserving Knee technique and has performed more surgeries using the implant than any other surgeon.

The system received FDA approval in March of 2013 and on May 13, 2013, Dr. DeClaire performed the first total knee replacement surgery using the first XP Preserving Knee System at Ascension Crittenton Hospital.

If you are considering a total knee replacement surgery and would like to learn more about Dr. DeClaire, you can request more information