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Back and Spine Services

If you have lived with chronic back and spine pain, you have probably been denied some of life’s simple joys. The team delivering Ascension Crittenton’s Back and Spine Services is committed to improving your quality of life. We recognize that every patient is unique; so our specialists start your treatment with a customized evaluation using the most advanced technology available. A personalized treatment plan is developed to get you on the path towards regaining mobility and better health.


Often back pain can come from lifestyle issues such as bad posture or carrying excessive weight.  Here are tips on how to help relieve mild pain or when to see a physician.


When needed Ascension Crittenton back and spine specialists will help you manage your pain using less invasive procedures.  If surgery is recommended you can take confidence in the fact that our Back and Spine Center is home to a multidisciplinary team of specialists.


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Our team includes both orthopaedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons – all trained in the most advanced treatment options.

Dr. LaMacchia



“We are able to offer the full spectrum of back and spine services from activity modification to physical therapy to more complicated procedures with a coordinated treatment approach, determined by a multidisciplinary team of specialists,” said John LaMacchia, M.D., Ascension Crittenton Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon.