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Joint Replacement Center

Crittenton Orthopaedics


The Crittenton Joint Replacement Center is a unit completely dedicated to the quality and care of patients who are having their knee or hip joints replaced.

The team is composed of expert orthopaedic surgeons, supportive nurses, and encouraging physical therapists – all working together to make the patients recovery a success.  The Center is based on a progressive philosophy of care ensuring the best outcomes based on individual needs.

The multi-phased treatment is focused on all perspectives of patient care – from the moment surgery is proposed to the day the patient is released from physical therapy, the Crittenton staff is focused on the patient’s comfort and progress.

“Our joint center has the shortest length of stay around. We have patients go home on the second post-op day, sometimes the first,” said Julie Kress, RN, FNP, Nurse Manager of Orthopaedics at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center.  

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