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Back and Spine Services

If you have lived with chronic back and spine pain, you have probably been denied some of life’s simple joys. The team delivering Crittenton’s Back and Spine Services is committed to improving the quality of life for patients.

They do so by recognizing that every person is unique, which is why the spine care team develops individualized treatment plans. These address specific causes of pain and the best methods to alleviate it; so you can regain mobility and maintain daily activities.

We are able to offer the full spectrum of back and spine services from activity modification to physical therapy to more complicated procedures with a coordinated treatment approach, determined by a multidisciplinary team of specialists,” said John LaMacchia, M.D., Crittenton Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon.

The role of our specialists is to improve your quality of life by eliminating or reducing your pain. If this can be achieved without surgery, then we will follow that course of treatment for as long as it proves useful.

Our goal is your health, reduced pain
and the fastest recovery possible.

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