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Imaging Services

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center’s department of Imaging and Diagnostics (Radiology) offers a full range of imaging services, including digital mammography, general x-ray, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, MRI scan and CAT scan. All of Crittenton’s radiologists are board certified, and our technologists are certified in the modality in which they practice. The overall service is enhanced by the cooperative relationship between the physicians and staff.

At Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, we are committed to serving your needs. To help us serve you better, please remember that all radiology studies require a physician referral.  Find an Imaging and Diagnostics Center near you, or if you need a physician referral, Crittenton Physician Services can help.


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Ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves to produce pictures of body organs/tissues and blood vessels. Since it does not use any radiation, it is ideal for almost any type of exam including studies of the abdomen, pelvis, breast, neck, arms, legs, and pregnant women. A registered ultrasound technologist performs the ultrasound exam. The body is scanned with a handheld transducer enhanced with gel. The transducer is gently rubbed across the body and images are taken by the technologist and viewed on a small screen. After the exam is completed, it is reviewed and interpreted by a radiologist. A complete report is sent to the referring physician. The exam can take approximately 30 minutes to one hour to complete. Ultrasound is performed at the main hospital, Crittenton Outpatient Imaging Center at Crittenton Medical Plaza – Auburn Hills, Crittenton Barclay Imaging Center on Barclay Circle in Rochester Hills, and Crittenton Medical Plaza – Oxford. A physician’s request or referral is needed.


MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Michigan Resonance Imaging is please to provide MRI services at Crittenton Hospital and surrounding area locations. Magnetic resonance imaging is a radiation free, non-invasive procedure that uses strong magnetic fields to create pictures of body tissues. MRIs can be ordered for diagnosis on virtually every body part. The MRI scan typically lasts 30-45 minutes. Some new MRI applications that we perform include Breast MRI, for high risk breast cancer patients, and Cardiac MRI.

One of Michigan’s most experienced MRI centers, we have been providing quality service since 1991. All scans are performed by ARRT registered MRI technologists and reviewed on site by board certified radiologists.
Our two mobile MRI units provide services to Crittenton Hospital, Oxford, Clarkston, Sterling Heights, Clinton Township and Mount Clemens. Our two fixed MRI units are located at 355 Barclay Circle in Rochester Hills.
For more information please visit our website: www.mriofmichigan.com (link to MRI)or call 1-800-233-0272. Our hours of operation are Monday- Friday 6:00 AM- 10:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 7:00AM-10:00 PM. Same or next day scheduling is available.


The Department of Radiology offers Fluoroscopic examinations. Fluoroscopy involves viewing anatomy during a motility procedure, like a barium studies, allowing the Radiologist to view the procedure as a “motion picture”. This includes studies such as upper GI, lower GI, and esophagrams. This modality can also be utilized with intravenous contrast media injections into vessels to assess interruptions of blood flow. Fluoro studies are performed at the main hospital and Crittenton Barclay Imaging Center. A physician’s request or referral is needed.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a very safe way to detect abnormalities within the body. Patients are given an agent called a radionuclide by a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, which is injected into an arm, swallowed in the form of a pill or inhaled into the lung. It contains a very small quantity of safe radioactive material, which can be detected by a special camera. Imaging usually starts as early as 15 minutes or up to 4-6 hours later. Although it is considered a painless test, it can take awhile to complete the exam. A Nuclear Medicine Technologist will let you know the timing of the test and any special instructions. It is important to know that the radioactive material leaves the body shortly after the test is completed. Nuclear Medicine studies are performed at the main hospital only. A physician’s request or referral is needed.


The Department of Radiology also offers state of the art CT scanning with the recent addition of our Philips MX 8000 16 multi-slice scanner. The CT images are obtained by imaging the body in “slices” and displaying them for the Radiologist as a cross section. Some of these exams are done after the administration of oral and/or intravenous contrast media and some are done without either, depending on the exam ordered by your physician. CT studies are performed at the main hospital and the WellPointe Imaging Center in Rochester Hills. A physician’s request or referral is needed.


Breast cancer strikes more than 180,000 women each year, claiming more than 40,000 lives each year. At Crittenton, we are committed to early detection through mammography and patient education. Our skilled radiologists and technologists are certified in mammography. During a mammogram, each breast is carefully positioned and compressed to increase image clarity. A mammogram usually takes just a few minutes, but may take up to an hour. The test is done under the supervision of a board-certified radiologist specializing in mammography. If a lump is discovered, Crittenton provides quick response. (Breast Care Services) Our radiologists are immediately available to provide a diagnostic ultrasound to give patients the answer they need. We also provide specially trained nurses who can teach proper breast self-examination technique. Each first-time mammography patient is offered a one-on-one session with the nurse. Mammography is performed at the main hospital, Crittenton Outpatient Imaging Center at Crittenton Medical Plaza – Auburn Hills, Crittenton Barclay Imaging Center on Barclay Circle in Rochester Hills, and Crittenton Medical Plaza – Oxford. A physician’s request or referral is needed.