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Cardiovascular Accreditations

Chest Pain Accreditation

Crittenton has earned the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care’s accreditation. The Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care’s (SCPC) approach to accreditation is radically different from other accreditations that set specifications and measure compliance. In contrast to more traditional accreditation models, the Accreditation Review Specialists are collaborative, provide feedback and education to assist facilities in addressing gaps and improving cardiac care processes. Their team works with facilities in an effort to create communities of excellence that bring together quality, cost and patient satisfaction.

As the only cross-specialty organization, SCPC provides the support needed for hospital systems, such as Crittenton, to effectively bridge existing gaps in treatment by providing the tools, education and support necessary to successfully navigate the changing face of healthcare.

Chest Pain Center Accreditation and Heart Failure Accreditation were developed using the principles of process improvement that are widely known and used successfully in many other disciplines. The accreditation process evaluates chest pain centers across the country in order to ensure that these centers meet or exceed quality-of-care measures based on improving the process for the care of the HF and ACS patient.

Today, the accreditation process established and administered by the SCPC formalizes and standardizes this elite mark of excellence. Accreditation is granted only to those facilities whose heart failure and chest pain center processes meet or exceed the criteria established by the Accreditation Committee.

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