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Crittenton AudiologyOur audiology services are provided through Crittenton Medical Equipment to diagnosis hearing loss, performs hearing evaluations for adults and children and dispenses hearing aids. The process of obtaining hearing aids is an important one and requires more than purchasing the unit. Once hearing loss is diagnosed, each patient goes through a hearing aid evaluation, during which the different sizes and types of hearing aids are shown and explained. They can vary in size from the behind-the-ear models to tiny hearing aids that fit inside the ear, and the circuitry also changes from model to model.

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If you agree with one or more of the following statements, it may indicate the need to seek a complete hearing screening.

  • You hear better with one ear than the other
  • You have had significant noise exposure at work, recreation or in military service
  • You find it difficult to follow a conversation in noisy restaurants or crowded rooms
  • You ask people to repeat themselves, especially women and young children
  • Your family and friends have commented on your inability to hear
  • You sometimes have difficulty understanding speech or words on the telephone
  • You experience difficulty understanding soft or whispered speech

If you answered “yes” to three or more of these questions, call us to schedule a hearing evaluation with an audiologist at our Lake Orion or Rochester Hills locations. Please call (248) 693-5384 for more information.

  • Digital hearing aid dispensing
  • Hearing aid Evaluations
  • Audiometric testing/hearing screening for adults and children
  • Hearing aid cleaning/repairs
  • Video Otoscopic Inspection
  • Cerumen management
  • Central auditory processing testing
  • Newborn hearing screenings

All Hearing Aids Include:

  • Annual hearing screens
  • Services provided by qualified and caring staff
  • Two year loss and repair warranty
  • Sixty day trial period
  • Several manufacturers from which to choose
  • Follow-up care