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Medical Services that Fit your Schedule

Because many people do not have primary care physicians, they often delay seeking the help of a doctor until medical issues can no longer be ignored. The Center for Preventive Medicine at Crittenton hopes to change that approach by making medical services as convenient as possible.

Unlike a primary care physician’s office, the Center for Preventive Medicine at Crittenton provides a comprehensive physical exam in one visit that might take two to three visits in a traditional primary care setting. The medical staff spends a greater amount of time with each patient in an appointment, so each visit is more thorough and helps to avoid additional visits in the near future.

“We are an ideal service for those with busy schedules,” says Patricia Brooks, MD, Physician with the Center for Preventive Medicine at Crittenton. “We’d like to encourage anyone, not just travelers and executives, to take advantage of the in-depth health assessment services we provide.”

Under One Umbrella
During a patient visit, Dr. Brooks compiles a comprehensive medical history and performs a detailed medical exam, including hearing and vision screenings and measurement of the following:

  • Pulmonary function
  • Body fat
  • Blood cholesterol levels
  • Heart health (exercise tolerance via stress testing)

Additional testing services, such as bone density scans, colonoscopies, and mammograms, are available and can be arranged at nearby Crittenton facilities. Each patient receives a written, detailed report of the test results and recommendations to help him or her achieve optimal health. Dr. Brooks is also available to meet with each patient for a follow-up consultation to discuss the results in person. If further medical attention is required, patients are referred to a primary care physician for follow-up care.

“Our goal is to identify problem areas before serious conditions develop,” says Dr. Brooks. “Our proactive approach helps our patients recognize the importance of diet, exercise, and stress management in their lives to pave the way for long-term health. If you have not recently had a routine checkup or screenings to evaluate your health status, call for an appointment today.”

When you travel internationally, don’t forget your vaccinations. The Center for Preventive Medicine at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center can help you get up to speed on vaccinations or other important screenings before going abroad.

Click here to find a doctor at the Center for Preventive Medicine at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, or call (248) 652-5976.

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