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Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. The span from Thanksgiving until New Years can be both a joyful and hectic time for almost everyone. We are able to visit with friends and family, but sometimes at the cost of our exercise routine or healthy diets. In fact, average weight gain during this time of year is 7-10 lbs! Managing diabetes during the holidays can be a challenge. Between the social gatherings and extra scoops of stuffing, it is important to plan ahead for your diabetes this holiday season.

The American Diabetes Association posted an article with Seven Holiday Tips for diabetics during the holiday season. Though there will be plenty of temptations at work parties and family gatherings, enjoying the visits and conversations instead of the food will keep you from overindulging on carbohydrates. And don’t forget about the carbohydrates you drink, not just eat. Have something to eat before a cocktail hour or holiday party to prevent low blood glucose levels later. Count your drinks and try to stay close to one drink for women and two for men.

This holiday season, plan to:

  • Stick to your exercise schedule. This is often the first thing to go as we get busy. Make sure to plan ahead and fit in time for yourself.
  • Adapt your favorite recipes for diabetic-friendly ingredients. Or, stop by Crittenton’s December support group meeting to learn some new recipes and menu options.
  • Stay positive. Don’t get down on yourself if you deviate from your plan. Just get right back to it.
  • Get informed. Want an ideal nutrition and exercise plan, custom-designed just for you? Call Crittenton’s Diabetes Education & Nutrition Counseling Center at (248)-652-5660. All dieticians are certified in diabetes.

If you are looking for local resources to help you manage diabetes during the holidays, Crittenton’s Diabetes Education & Nutrition Counseling Center offers free monthly support groups. You can view all upcoming dates on our community calendar.

“By empowering oneself with quality diabetes education, the patient can learn to control this chronic disease”, says Julie Brown RD, CDE, Manager for Crittenton’s Diabetes and Nutrition Counseling Center. “Our diabetes program is recognized and certified by The American Diabetes Association and The Michigan Department of Community Health. With both of these certificates from these credentialing agencies, we are able to bill for diabetes education which is a covered benefit for 90% of patients with insurance.”

You don’t have to be diagnosed in order for Diabetes and Nutrition Counseling to be a good fit. Of the 25.8 million American diabetics, 18.8 million of them are not diagnosed. If you are looking for nutrition help or want to learn more about managing your diabetes during the holidays, contact the Center by calling: (248) – 652 – 5660.

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