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Life-Changing Care that Promotes Living Life to the Fullest

The Crittenton Joint Replacement Center is an 18-bed unit completely dedicated to patients who are having their knee or hip joints replaced. The team is composed of expert orthopaedic surgeons, supportive nurses, and encouraging physical therapists – all working together to make the patients recovery a success. The Center is based on a progressive philosophy of care. The multi-phased treatment is focused on all perspectives of patient care – from the moment surgery is proposed to the day the patient is released from physical therapy, the Crittenton staff is focused on the patient’s comfort and progress. “Our joint center has the shortest length of stay around. We have patients go home on the second post op day, sometimes the first,” said Julie Kress, RN, FNP, Nurse Manager of Orthopaedics at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center.

Preparing for the Journey

Approximately one month prior to surgery, the patient will attend a preparatory class, “A New Beginning,” designed to provide the upfront information necessary for a successful surgical experience. They will receive information about what will occur on the day of surgery, the recovery process, and what can be expected during their time at home, post-operation. The class will be taught by Crittenton’s Joint Care Coordinator and a Physical Therapist, who will be the patient’s guides as they meet the staff and get to know the facility. In addition, they’ll review exercises that should be done pre-operatively to prepare for surgery. The patient will be contacted by a pre-admission testing nurse, and then scheduled for the class.

Each patient will be asked to bring along a family member or friend to act as their ‘coach.’ This special individual is invited to participate in all aspects of the patient’s recovery throughout their stay at Crittenton, and after they return home. Crittenton believes that building this support system ahead of time is a crucial aspect to a speedy recovery.” Less than 5% of our patients require an extended care facility, they go home to family. That is why a coach is so important. When the patients are discharged, the caregivers are now their families. So, we need the coach to be here and participate in their PT, so that when they go home they know what to do,” said Kress.

Beginning the Journey

A patient hospital stay generally lasts two days and boasts post-operative comforts including rooms with ample personal storage, flat screen TVs, and more. The patient will be up and out of bed the afternoon of surgery. An inviting environment is created, which encourages patients ease and comfort. They may wear their own clothes while surrounded by people they care about, all in the privacy of their ‘home away from home.’ They will always feel like an insider thanks to a daily newsletter which keeps them informed of the day’s events.

The Crittenton Joint Replacement Team believes in the rapid recovery process, based on a treatment philosophy of national scale. Patients begin exercising the afternoon of surgery. This helps to ensure that they are adequately prepared for discharge by the second post-operative day. Crittenton believes that the sooner the patient gets moving, the sooner they will be back on the path to recovery.

Continuing the Journey

Rehabilitation is handled in both individual and group settings, with Crittenton staff and patients there to coach, support, encourage, and inspire one another while on the path to recovery. Initially, the patient will attend physical therapy sessions two times daily in a state-of-the art Training Center. In the days following surgery, the patient will walk through the hallways of a beautiful unit, which is solely dedicated to the recovery of patients. With their coach along-side them throughout their stay and recovery, the patient will be supported and encouraged after returning home as they begin a life of restored movement.

If you are suffering from severe pain, and suspect a total hip or knee replacement is in your future, Crittenton Joint Replacement Center can get you back on the path to recovery – and back to your life.

Learn how to take your orthopaedic wellness in your own hands.

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