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Keeping a Close Eye on Moms-to-Be

Crittenton BirthplaceWomen in labor can now have peace of mind—even if their doctor isn’t physically with them, he or she is just a click away. This is thanks to a new monitoring system that lets doctors see how labor is progressing remotely.

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center is the first health care facility in the area to offer AirStrip OB in the award-winning Birthing Center. This monitoring system allows physicians to keep a close eye on moms-to-be at all times just by using their smart phone, such as an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry, or the iPad tablet.

How Does It Work?

On their mobile device, doctors can see patient-monitoring data in real time, including the baby’s heartbeat and mom’s contraction patterns, among other vital information. They can access this data from anywhere they can get a cellphone connection. When your doctor can see your information anywhere, anytime, it helps ensure that he or she can make the best possible care decisions
for you.

AirStrip OB works with the existing monitoring systems you see at your bedside in the hospital. Your doctor uses a smartphone or iPad to log on and see the data remotely. The data looks essentially the same on a smartphone screen as it looks on the in-room hospital monitor.

Is the Information Secure?

AirStrip OB is the first and only remote patient monitoring solution of its kind in the United States. It’s FDA approved and uses state-of-the-art security to safeguard your privacy. At Crittenton, we strive to be at the forefront of using medical technology that helps keep you safe. We believe in providing a special place to celebrate new life—and that’s why we want to make the Birthing Center as secure and comfortable a place as possible for you
and your little one.

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