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Internationally Renowned Radioloigst Joins Crittenton

Peter Littrup, M.D.

Peter Littrup, M.D.

Rochester – Peter Littrup, M.D., a globally-recognized scientist in medical imaging is joining Crittenton Hospital Medical Center.

Dr. Littrup is board certified radiologist who has conducted extensive research in the areas of cancer screening, ultrasound technology, biopsy guidance, and tumor ablation. He has over 100 publications and holds numerous patents for cryoablation technology and ultrasound tomography.

Dr. Littrup is a pioneer in the field of breast cryoablation, a procedure that involves inserting a thin needle directly into a cancerous tumor treatment to kill cancer cells with extreme cold. Dr. Littrup will lead the newly established Crittenton Tumor Ablation Program.

Cryoablation is less invasive than traditional, open surgery and because the treatment is focused on the tumor, it reduces harm to nearby healthy tissues. The treatment may also be used to treat tumors when surgery is not an option. It requires a shorter hospital stay and recovery time compared to traditional surgical procedures. In addition to treating breast cancer the technology is also used to treat others cancers such as lung, kidney, liver, certain ovarian cancers plus focal treatment of endometriosis.

“Dr. Littrup brings a unique expertise to Crittenton and Ascension Michigan,” said Margaret Dimond, PhD, president of Crittenton Hospital Medical Center. The addition of Dr. Littrup is critical to the expansion of our imagining services and helps to put us on the leading edge of cryoablation technology and treatment.”

“Image-guided tumor ablation continues to advance. We have published numerous articles showing comparable outcomes to standard treatments, with improved quality of life and cost efficacy”, said Dr. Littrup. “This includes tumors within the kidney, liver, lung, breast and soft tissues, but mainly those with limited size and extent. Along with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, tumor ablation is becoming the fourth leg of a less invasive cancer “chair”, that we can safely rest our hopes upon for more comfortable cancer treatments.”

Prior to joining Crittenton and Ascension Michigan, he served as Director of the Human Imaging Core and Ablation Program at Karmanos Cancer Institute. In addition, he was a Professor of Radiology and Oncology at the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Dr. Littrup Is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School. He received his residency training at New England Deaconness Hospital associated with Harvard Medical School and he completed a fellowship in prostatic ultrasound at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, and was a Radiology Society of North America Research Fellow developing tumor ablation technology and imaging. He resides in Rochester.