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How to Travel Without the Stress

How to Travel Without StressFor many, the holidays often mean boarding planes, trains and automobiles to visit loved ones. While the mere thought of waiting in lines to pass security check points might send you into a spiral of stress, worry not. Keep these simple tricks and tips in mind and you can learn how to travel without the stress. Leaving you more time to focus on what’s important – your family and the memories you make every time you get together.

Be Prepared – Don’t under estimate the importance of being prepared. By taking a little extra time to do the following, your travel stress will go down significantly.

  • Understand your airport
    • Ask friends and family what entrances are the best, where the drop off/pick up points are, and how crowded security usually is during your travel times.
    • Add an extra 20 minutes to the time you already believe you need. Those extra minutes will help you get through security without being in a rush.
    • Don’t forget to check-in ahead of time!
  • Pack a survival kit –Having a mini travel kit will reduce the chances of unexpected travel stress. Things to pack:
    • Any prescribed medication
    • Aspirin
    • Bandages
    • Tissue
    • Light snack
    • Empty water bottle to fill inside the airport
    • Ear plugs
    • Sweater
    • Hand wipes
    • Extra magazine or newspaper.
  • Prepare your kids – You might think it is nearly impossible, but you can travel with your children and without the stress!
    • Discuss your travel plans and tell them the details of your trip
    • Dress them in unique clothing to spot them easily
    • Pack their backpacks for them and include just essentials
    • Make sure they have in case of emergency information packed with them or on a wrist band
  • Talk to your doctor – While you might not typically think to do this beforehand, talking to your primary care physician before you leave to travel is a good idea. Take a few moments to discuss any health concerns you may have, medications you will be traveling with and any tips they might have for staying healthy on the road.

While going to and from might not be the most pleasant thing to do, it is possible to travel without the stress during the holidays. Preparation is key and don’t forget, you might have to embrace the unexpected. If that does happen, just breathe and be thankful you packed that survival kit.

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