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How to Eat More Salads

Salads are often overlooked on the menu or passed up on during dinner. In reality, they are a tasty meal choice and are much easier to add to a meal than you might think. When you are out at a restaurant or packing a lunch for work or school, think twice before you immediately overlook the salad section or bypass the spinach in your fridge. Here are five tricks to eat more salad.

Tips for Eating More Veggies and Salads

  1. How to eat more saladFocus on what you like to eat. Do you avoid a salad because you prefer protein for a meal, like steak or fish? Incorporate what you like into your salad! Instead of ordering a steak, order a steak salad. This is a great way to include protein in your salad as well. Other protein options could be chicken, fish, or tofu.
  2. Do your prep at the end of the night. Or even better, at the beginning of the week. On a rushed morning, a quick PB&J will always sound more appealing than putting together a salad. Help yourself out by prepping your meals in advance. Wash and cut up veggies and store in a container for easy assembly.
  3. Swap out bread. Are you a wrap lover? Or just a sandwich fan? You can still get a tasty wrap, but sneak in lettuce or veggies instead of bread. Instead of a wheat wrap, get lettuce as your wrap.  Instead of pizza dough, try using a veggie like zucchini, eggplant, or cauliflower crusts. These slight changes allow you to enjoy your favorite foods while adding in veggies.
  4. Create your own dressing. Nothing ruins a tasty salad quite like a bad, store-brought dressing. You can also ensure that no unnecessary fats are being added to your dressing and diluting the health benefits from your salad! You can share your favorite dressing recipes with us on Pinterest.
  5. Meet with a registered dietitian for a complete meal plan. If you feel that despite your best efforts, you and your family are not getting the health benefits that you should, one of our registered dietitians could be an invaluable resource for your family. They will help you create a realistic meal plan and shopping lists to set you up for nutrition success.

Eating more fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be something families avoid, but it can be hard work to create tasty meals with enough veggies. These five tips can help you increase your veggie portions without making any big changes. Tell us on Facebook or Twitter what your favorite veggie swap is!

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