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Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Stress-Free

The approach of Thanksgiving means that visiting family, Christmas shopping, and colder weather are all coming up quickly. And while those events can cause a lot of people to begin to feel more stress than normal, this time is also a great opportunity to release ourselves from looking at negatives and focus on living a life of thankfulness. And what better place to start with this mentality than on Thanksgiving itself? Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can often be associated with chaos for the hostess. But you can keep the emphasis of Thanksgiving on positives with these tips to host Thanksgiving dinner stress-free.

Reduce the Stress of Thanksgiving Dinner:  

  1. Happy_ThanksgivingPlan ahead – This is the answer to just about everything (including eating healthier as a family). Plan your menu, grocery shop, and even set the table a few days in advance.
  2. Eliminate surprises – Thanksgiving is not the time to test out 10 new recipes. Plan out your menu in advance and make sure you have tested all the recipes. Eliminating surprises will help the dinner preparations roll smoothly.
  3. Make a few dishes early and simply reheat – Look at your menu and pick out a few items you can make in advance or even purchase. The pumpkin pie, side dishes, or other desserts can be made a few days earlier and just popped into the oven before serving.
  4. Go potluck style – you provide a few big things (like the turkey) and have your guests bring a side, dessert, or beverage. It will help you save on some of the expenses and guests love to feel included in the meal.
  5. Focus on being thankful, not having the best Thanksgiving dinner – Having a beautiful table spread or a unique centerpiece are fun details to your dinner, but not worth stressing over and forgetting the true goal of this holiday. Your table may not look as perfect as the one’s in the magazines, but the clink of glasses during a toast, laughter of friends and family, and shared memories are the details that truly matter. Focusing on this will help eliminate the frustrations when little things go wrong.

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