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Five Ways to Give Back without Giving Money

Giving Back This Holiday SeasonGiving back to the community is a good way to help your fellow residents and can also increase your sense of happiness and satisfaction. And you shouldn’t feel limited by your income to give back. Here are five ways to give back without giving money.

  1. Volunteer – volunteering your time is a great way to give back without giving money. Your time and talents can often be more beneficial to your community than a monetary gift. Look into volunteering with hospitals, soup kitchens, and nonprofit organizations.
  2. Give blood – Donating blood or plasma has the ability to save lives. Keep an eye open for Crittenton’s next blood drive and consider donating.
  3. Write to people in hospitals or overseas – A hand written card, even from a stranger, can bring unmeasurable joy to those sick or healing in hospitals and to our soldiers overseas. Consider spending some time writing a few letters and sending them to those who might need your kind words.
  4. Donate items to St. Vincent, Goodwill, and Salvation Army – If you have gently used clothes, old books, board games or canned goods that you can do without, compile a box of items and give to organizations like Goodwill or contact a local church in your community. They often collect similar items to stock food pantries and clothe community members in need.
  5. Visit with a senior citizen – A good conversation with someone can be incredibly rewarding and make a big difference in someone’s life. Contact the Older Persons’ Commission (OPC) to inquire after volunteer and visiting opportunities.

There are countless ways for us to support and volunteer in our communities and though a monetary gift is always a blessing to organizations, it is just one way to contribute. If you are considering becoming more involved in your community, research different ways your time, talents, or treasure can make a helpful impact or even save a life.

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