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Five Questions about the MELT Method

Melt MethodThe MELT Method is a stress-reducing method designed to naturally relieve and reduce chronic pain and tension. Developed by Sue Hitzmann, this method is gaining a lot of national attention because of its ability to relieve a multitude of ailments,  including stress, joint pain, poor sleep, indigestion, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

Are you interested in giving the MELT Method a try? Although it is not offered everywhere, Crittenton Hospital has a Certified MELT instructor and offers the class to the community as another preventative health option.

Five Questions You Might Have About the MELT Method

  1. I think MELT can help me, but I’m not sure what to expect in the class. MELT class is focused on getting you out of pain, without going through pain. It is a calming class that uses a soft foam roller and MELT treatment balls to help hydrate connective tissues.
  2. I am worried that I might be too old or young for MELT. Who is the class for? MELT is a stress-reducing method for people of any age as it is not designed to be more beneficial for only people of a certain age. If you are looking to reduce the effects of stress from a job, an injury, aging, or improve your overall flexibility, then you can benefit from the MELT Method. Participants need to be able to get up and down from the floor independently as position changes are used throughout the class.
  3. Is MELT different than yoga or getting a massage? Yes! Where many other techniques, like yoga, focus on the musculoskeletal system, MELT focuses on rehydrating your connective tissue system. By doing this, you are able to release long-term tension that your body stores, and thereby enjoy a more pain-free life.
  4. How often should I MELT? Sue Hitzmann, the founder of MELT, recommends that you MELT for 15 minutes, three times a week for immediate and long-lasting relief and benefits. However, she also says that if you want to MELT daily, or MELT before exercising, there are benefits to doing that as well.
  5. The MELT Method sounds like it can help me! But I want to try it first before I sign up for the series. Can I test a class? Crittenton Hospital offers an Introduction class for people who are curious about trying the MELT method and want to learn more before purchasing the series. In the Introduction class, you can learn how to use the tools and how to hydrate your connective tissues for pain-free movement. MELT equipment is provided during all Crittenton MELT classes, however, purchase of equipment for at home study is highly recommended and is available at a discounted price at our MELT classes.

If you can benefit from reducing stress and chronic pain, then come to Crittenton Hospital and try the MELT Method. Learn more about MELT on the MELT Method website or www.meltmypain.com. Find the next MELT class at Crittenton on our Community Health and Education Calendar.

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