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Understanding Breastfeeding Self-Study Class

This is a self-study class that includes a comprehensive guide book and companion website to learn about breastfeeding at your own convenience.  SeeWhatYouRead.com features 19 video clips, including latch animation, to help new moms successfully breastfeed.  Compatible with smart phones and tablets!  Once you complete your registration, you will receive your guide in 5-7 days. More than a booklet!
  • Free access to an award-winning companion website
  • Dozens of video clips, printable charts, checklists, and more
  • Commercial free
  • Clear, informative, easy to read
  • NEW interactive features, such as weekly breastfeeding emails
Chapters Include:
  • Chapter 1: How Breastfeeding Works – breastfeeding is ideal, the early weeks, how your body makes milk, your milk changes, special situations (preemies, multiples, breast surgery)
  • Chapter 2: Latching On and Positioning – getting off to a good start, mother & baby positioning, latching on, breastfeeding holds, feeding patterns
  • Chapter 3: When to Feed Your Baby – hunger signs, crying patterns, sleepy eaters, avoid pacifiers & bottle feeding
  • Chapter 4: How Much Is Enough? – how to know that your baby is getting enough milk, counting diapers, weight gain, feeding log, jaundice
  • Chapter 5: Breast Care – breast fullness, expressing your milk by hand, engorgement, blocked ducts, nipple care, sore & cracked nipples, breast infection
  • Chapter 6: Breastfeeding Lifestyle – taking care of yourself, family planning, nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, returning to work, expressing & storing your milk


Your Own Home

Map and Directions

Date: Sun, 01-01-2017
Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Price: $20.00
Registration: OPEN
Available Spaces: Unlimited

Prepared Childbirth 3-week Series

Knowing what to expect prior to the birth of your baby will go a long way towards helping prepare you and your family.  Whether you are planning to give birth naturally or with the assistance of medications, this class is designed to help an expectant mother and her support partner prepare for the birth of her baby.  For your comfort, we recommend completing this series 2-3 months before your due date.  FREE with this class, online breastfeeding and baby care class.  Information will be provided at the class. Please bring a blanket and 2 pillows. This series includes: Tips for staying comfortable at the end of pregnancy, How to know when labor begins, What to bring to the hospital, What to expect in labor through the birth of your baby, Techniques to help cope with the challenges of labor, Medical options for labor and delivery, Cesarean birth, Recovery after delivery, Normal newborns, and a tour of the Birthplace. Class meets once a week, for 3 weeks, beginning on the date listed.


North Classroom 2 C&D (North elevator to 2nd floor)
Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
1101 W. University Dr
Rochester, MI  48307

Map and Directions

Date: Thu, 01-05-2017
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Price: $85.00
Registration: CLOSED
Available Spaces: 10 of 10