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Finding a Primary Care Physician

Typically, when a health concern arises you turn to your primary care physician. Whether it is for symptoms that feel like a looming cold or the flu, vaccinations, or a physical a good primary care physician sees you and your family regularly for most health concerns. But what if you don’t have a regular doctor? Choosing the right primary care physician can be a difficult task. But by taking the time to select a doctor, you ensure that your family is in the right, caring hands for years to come.

What is important in a primary care physician?

  • A trusting and long lasting relationship – A strong foundation of trust is important with your primary care physician. You will see them regularly; your doctor will notice any changes in health quickly and know the right treatment.
  • Communication is key – Think about how you would like to communicate with your doctor. Just like talking with a family member, communication style is a personality trait that matters when selecting a primary care physician. Are you someone who wants straightforward answers or does a warmer approach suit you better? The right personality and demeanor will strengthen your relationship with your doctor long term.
  • Don’t wait until you are sick – It is critical to find the right primary care physician before you or a family member falls ill.

What types of primary care physicians are there?

  • Family Doctors – Family physicians are dedicated to treating the whole person. They treat each organ, every disease, all ages and both genders. The cornerstone of family medicine is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care.
  • Internist – This doctor sees adults over the age of 18. They can be generalists or sub-specialists dealing with a broad spectrum of health issues.
  • Gynecologist – Many women choose their gynecologist as a primary care physician during childbearing years.
  • Geriatrics – This doctor specializes in the care of elderly.

How do I select a primary care physician?

  • Do your research – Ask friends or coworkers what they like about their doctors and why. This will help you decide what is important to you and what questions to ask a potential doctor.
  • Ask for an introduction – If it would make you feel more comfortable, ask if the doctor is willing to set up an introductory phone call to address topics important to your health.
  • Ask the hospital for a recommendation – Ascension Crittenton has a physician referral line 248-652-5000 or contact us online to find the right doctor. Start a dialog and ask questions. We can direct you to the right primary care physician.

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