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Finding a Pediatrician

Finding a pediatrician is an important, though difficult, task. Whether you are pregnant, unhappy with your current provider, or moving to a new area, finding a pediatrician who is right for you and your family is a search with multiple steps and its own set of challenges. Focus on these three points when you begin your search.

When do you need a pediatrician?

Pediatricians’ work with newborns and children up to 18 years old. With that in mind, the ideal time to find your pediatrician is before your new baby is born, usually between 28 and 34 weeks into your pregnancy. Around this time you should have an understanding of what parenting behavior you feel strongly about and what questions you want your pediatrician to answer.

If you are searching due to a move or looking for a better fit, there is no time like the present! Start right away and don’t wait until your child is sick or you have urgent questions.

Ask your questions!

You know you have them. You probably have a whole bunch of them. Don’t be shy! Ask the doctor your questions. If possible, schedule a phone meeting to review your questions with the doctor before scheduling an appointment. Think about how close the office is to your house, whom you should call at night or after office hours, and what schedules are like over holidays.

And ask yourself what answers are important to you. Education background, board certifications, child rearing philosophies and more are all important areas about which you should consult your potential doctor. Make sure you know what answers you are comfortable with prior to your talk with doctors.

Where do you start?

Ready to start on your journey to find a pediatrician and don’t know where to begin? Start with your friends and family. Make sure to inquire why they like their doctors. Engage your community resources. Ascension Crittenton Hospital has staff dedicated to helping you find a doctor that is the right fit for you. Tell us online or call us at 248-652-5000.

Finding a pediatrician with whom you are confident and comfortable is one more step towards a healthy and happy pregnancy and child rearing journey.

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