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Father’s Day at Crittenton

Landen Paul Rascher was born on April 19, 2012, at Crittenton. His proud parents are Jennifer and Logan. The birth of a first child is always beautiful and exciting, but this one was also very poignant due to the special circumstances involved. Logan is in the Army National Guard and is currently serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan and could not physically be with his wife during the birth of their son. “I had nine months to plan for the moment I would give birth, knowing I would be alone. Even so, I felt like I wasn’t fully prepared,” stated Jennifer. “However, thanks to modern technology and the wonderful staff at Crittenton, it was an amazing experience.”

Jennifer brought her laptop to the hospital and was able to access Skype so that her husband could be involved in the delivery as much as possible. The laptop was positioned on a bedside table so he could see the baby. He stayed on Skype for over 3 hours watching Jennifer and the baby. After Landen’s birth, the laptop was taken over to the crib so he could see the baby better. He was also able to watch Landen’s first bath. Linda Braun, RN, said that she often forgot he was there. “All of a sudden Logon would speak to me or Jennifer … it was like he was right there in the room,” said Linda. “It was a very touching and moving experience and I felt honored to be a part of it.”

Jennifer and her husband talked often during the months leading up to the delivery. He told her he would look up jokes on the internet that he planned to share with her during her delivery to help take her mind off the pain. “While on Skype during the delivery, his personality and demeanor came through. He was very calm and reassuring. His presence was definitely felt and it was very comforting,” said Jennifer. She also stated that she was very grateful to the staff. “They really stepped up and made things so much easier. Linda was a godsend, as were RN’s Liz Wagner and Lynnette Lavoie. It really helped that the same nurses were there for me the entire time,” said Jennifer. “I can’t thank Crittenton, Dr. Ginger Connor, and the nursing staff enough for helping me through this.”

Logan is expected to return home sometime in the fall. No matter what the calendar says, when he arrives home and holds his baby for the first time, it will truly be “Father’s Day” for him. Happy Father’s Day, Logan. We thank you for your service to our country and wish you, Jennifer, and baby Landen the very best!

The Crittenton Team-Your Care Matters Most.

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