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What to Expect from Inpatient Rehabilitation

Crittenton Rehabilitation - What to ExpectWhen your physician recommends inpatient rehabilitation, do you have questions about your care? Learn what to expect from your inpatient rehabilitation experience and the team of trained professionals who are here to get you back to your best, amazingly fast.

Who qualifies for Inpatient Rehabilitation?

These services are here for adult patients who have had an illness or injury that required them to be hospitalized. Their condition has been medically managed, but they are not able to return home yet, usually because they have lost strength and or mobility from their hospital stay.

Who will be working with me?

  • Admission Coordinator – This person works with the Rehab Medical Director to determine if you qualify for our Inpatient Rehab Services
  • Rehab Physician-Physiatrist – This MD or DO specialist is board certified in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Nurse Practitioner – The practitioner is on the unit daily and assists the Rehabilitation Physician in coordinating your care
  • Rehabilitation Nurses – These specialized nurses are trained for Rehabilitation
  • Social Workers – These people assist with all of your discharge planning needs
  • Other team members include Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Recreational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Dieticians and Board Certified Neuropsychologists

Why Choose Crittenton’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Services?

  • Over 75% of our patients are able to return home following their stay at the inpatient rehabilitation unit, which is above the national average.
  • Crittenton Inpatient Rehabilitation consistently outperforms other rehab units in the region and across the nation in areas that measure patient improvement, return to home, and patient satisfaction.
  • Our services are accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), which is a specialty certification that requires regular visits from the organization to assure that we are continually improving our program and always offering best in class practices for our patients.
  • Crittenton is the only Inpatient Rehab unit in Oakland County that is also CARF Stroke Specialty Certified, which requires an even more rigorous program that focuses on stroke patients.
  • You will experience weekly meetings with your rehabilitation team and your friends and family to help plan for your care upon returning to your home.

Crittenton Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation offers a community hospital atmosphere that focuses on the patient and the family and the very special and individualized needs that they bring with them. We know and understand that each of our patients will be going home to a unique situation, and we tailor our treatment to meet and accommodate those situations.

With all of these services and the outstanding outcomes experienced here at Crittenton, what more could you want for you or your family member?

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